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Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm in the Middle was originally titled Malcolm in the Middle on ABC but was shortened when ABC was destoryed after a car fell on it.
Format Situation Comedy
Country of origin Shit Hole
Original channel Fox
Original airing 2000/3/10, Some Shit Like That
Followed by Malcolm in the Shit Hole
“It's dirty, it's bloody, and it's full of surprises. Wha? I was talking about my underwear, but the same goes for Malcolm in the Middle”
~ Larry King on On Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle is a well-known American sitcom on Fox about a lower-class family who desperately wanted to know what it is like to live the exciting life of a middle class American family. Despite the fact that the only people who watch Fox are members of the so-called, elite, middle-class family. Fox viewers wanted to know what it's like living in a shit hole with a dysfunctional family. In a few short months or so, the show's ratings skyrocketed to all new records for Fox. For the first time ever, Malcolm in the Middle had attained 103 viewers, which is pretty good for Malcolm in the Middle standers.

edit Overview

The show is about a really smart boy named Malcolm with a IQ of 160, but often acts as a dumbass. Malcolm has very angry and stupid parents, Malcolm and his three brothers hate them, as later revealed in a episode where Malcolm and his brothers planned to kill them but were before caught they were going to shoot there parents heads off... As you do.

The series follows Malcolm going through crap a thing we normaly calll LIFE, He has three brothers Reece, Dewey and Francis, In most scenes they are seen yelling, Screaming, Fighting, Punching, Tea Banging and kicking each other.

edit Alternate Names

Before settling on the title of Malcolm in the Middle, People suggested Malcolm in the Shit Hole as the family are in a place known as a shit hole Malcolm in the Shit Hole later became the title of the Malcolm in the Middle spin-off. Other names suggested were Malcolm with his Shit Family and Malcolm in a Shit Show and Malcolm and a Crazy Ass Shit Show and also Malcolm in a Piece of Shit and also Malcolm in a Piece of Shit to be Rammed Up Everyone's Asses

edit Opening Sequence

The opening sequence is the most well known opening ever. the reason for it becomeing well known is for having other people's work in it, the reason for this was comfirmed by the producers there reason was "We were clueless on what to put in the opening sequence, but than I thought why don't we copy other people's work and maybe get sued" And they did someone sued there asses for it. It's also well known for it's crappy low quality TV looking opening as it looks like they recorded of the TV and also known as crappy edited, but it was later revealed to be a girl that edited it, and we all know that they should stay in the kitchin where they belong.

edit Characters


Malcolm has a IQ of 160 but looks and acts like a dumbass.

Every series has some crappy characters, but in this series every character is crappy, so here's a list of the crappy characters to remind yourself why you should give a fuck about what these people are doing;

  • Malcolm - Malcolm is well known for having a big head for his small body. In most of the episodes he has his own girlfriend but they always break up at the end of the episode. Why? Just take a look at his face.
  • Reece - Another brother of the family is Reece, He is seen to be the most stupid out of all of the brothers. He is a sex maniac who will bang literally anything that draws breath. He's also a clumsy idiot.
    Francis Malcolminthemiddle

    No, this isn't Neil Patrick Harris.

  • Dewey AKA Stewie - He looks like a hobbit... Just wanted to get out there. Dewey does whatever Francis tells him to, even when it's obviously dumb.
  • Francis - The big brother of the family. He was one of the most popular members of the show, although this may be attributed to the fact that everyone thought he was Neil Patrick Harris. It is discovered later on in the series that he is not the real Neil Patrick Harris and that the actual Neil Patrick Harris is the real Neil Patrick Harris.
  • Jaime - Jaime is the youngest brother out of the family but is seen to be much smarter than the rest of the family, most likly being because there dumb as shit.
  • Lois - Lois is seen frequently flashing her boobs to her sons, anwering the question everybody asks "Why are they as dumb as shit?" the reason being there tramitzesed from her tities. She is also seen to be a really cranky mother and annoys the fuck out of everyone by yelling at them and her kids hate her guts. Some of her hobbies include scaring the shit out of people, Being a stupid mother, Yelling and pretty much everything else that people hate.
  • Hal - Hal is the the dad, he is seen to be very childish, so childish that in one episode he found a gun and shot Lois in the face and even that childish that he fucked Magda Szubanski dry and almost died doing it, as her ass is that huge that it has a mouth of it's own and almost nom, nomed him up.
  • Pixie - Pixie is a guy and is the main bully of the school. He is seen bashing up people but mostly seen bashing Malcolm, Pixie bashes Malcolm up that much that it shrinked his head. Unlike most bullies Pixie wear's fairy like clothes and enjoy's fairy like things such as tinker-bell. Pixie carries a bag of pixie dust everywhere he goes just incase he is attacked by orges.

edit Typical Episode Outline

Most episodes of Malcolm in the Middle have the same storylines such as; Lois yells, Lois gets cranky, Malcolm and his dumbass brothers do something that only a dumbass would do, Hal has an afair with a hooker dead or alive, Francis also does something stupid, Reece get's his penis bitten off by a dog, Lois jumps out of a cake, Francis becomes a dumb blonde, Jaime does a shit, Fox recieves it's lowest ratings ever.

MITM's house

This is the house they live in. This a gag by the writers as a way of saying: Hey, these people are so low-class, look at how bad they keep their yard! Har har har!

edit Criticism

After the show became shit and lost it's coolnes the show become stupid and crap and nobody wanted to watch it. Even if it did form into a soap opera show it's still going to be boring as shit, People say that Malcolm in the Middle is the best thing since a slice of bread, while other people say Malcolm in the Middle is not even better than a slice of bread. At the beginning of each episode they say "Fuck you!" but what they really meant is "Get fucked". The show became that crappy that it annoyed the fuck out of Indiana Jones causing him to come to the studio and start all crazy shit around the studio. In 2000 Malcolm in the Middle got attacked by Mary Whitehouse (She's that bitch) she attacked the show for pornography, violence, satanism, naughty language, soiled underwear, cobblestones, peanut butter, kittens, tits, daisies, rape kits, perturbation, and almost everything else.

edit Controversy

In 2000 controversy struke Malcolm in the Middle, when Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) became pregnant with Justin Berfield (Reece) baby. This was very normal for everyone but when a smart ass realized that there both guys, He decided to be a tard and tells everyone. Quickly everyone started noticing that this was strange by the next month everyone knew except. Frankie and Justin was interviewed by some interviewer he questioned on how Frankie became pregnant when his a guy there reply was "Can I touch your tits" the next few months Frankie went into labor and had the baby named Luke Walker (Rip of Luke Skywalker) the kid than became a fuck turd/Fuck wit just like there fathers.

edit Cancellation

After a while the show lost it's cool and was canceled after the show got many complaints from people complaining about solid underwear, To much MacDonalds and to many complaints. As you can see so many people can't handle the shit show.

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