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1 1 1 Funny
Roblox's logo (2011 - present.)
Developer(s) Roblox Corporations
Publisher(s) Shedletsky's ass Corpoartions
Director(s) John Shedletsky
Release date December 25, 1999
Genre MMORPG, Sandox, ADWTHYW(Almost do whatever the fuck you want), Hentai, FPS.
Rating E for Everyone
Would Sterling Morton play it? Who wouldn't
Spinoffs Blockland
Official website Roblox(dot)cum
1 1 1 Roblox 9-11

A popular game on Roblox called the September 11 attacks, This place has over 2 million place visits, damn this kid must've been rich on Roblox!

Roblox's Website Theme

Roblox's main website theme during the dark ages.

1 1 1 old roblox graphics

The beautiful graphics of 2006 Roblox, David used to be such an amazing graphics designer.

1 1 1 Real Roblox gameplay

Graphics of Roblox right now.

Roblox is an MMORPG sandbox game marked to kids towards 18+, In this game, players get to build their own virtual world or copy these worlds to take credit. The game requires internet to play because it's an online game where you can hang out, socialize, and/or bully players with many different shapes, sizes, and colors. There other place you can hang out is in the Forums the most mature and nicest being Roblox talk. Roblox has also been to be quite educational, which is stupid because kids don't like to play educational games. Roblox's scripting uses Lua 5.1 and is one of the most powerful tools on Roblox, despite that, it is very common, but the script is very hard to use. Roblox has a premium membership called Builders club which costs $6 a month but the administrators still claim that Roblox is free even though it's not.

edit History and Development

Roblox started in 1999 when Shedletsky decided to make a Lego ripoff with it's help from David Backucki and Erik Cassel. In 2005, the first roblox character evolved, It had a blocky body and a more roundy head, The landscape looks like bricks and the explosions look like red balls but the texture of them changes.

edit Old Roblox

Roblox used to have one currency and it was called roblox points which are actually stones, It was discontinued and replaced with Speeding Tickets and Criminal Records (The speeding tickets being the most usless on Roblox). Badges were introduced on Roblox that rewards players on how well they do on Roblox and it can be obtained by Brushing your teeth, taking a dump, bullying players, etc. At the start of May in 2007, Hats were introduced in Roblox which will be the last major update in months because Players aren't getting along and the villain of Roblox named 1x1x1x1 lured Roblox into the dark ages, It was patched months later when Roblox introduces the report system which caused Robloxians to panic because they fear of getting banned. Builders club was added to Roblox because the admins fear of bankruptcy, later the Roblox admins turn greedy and demand more money from the kids. In 2008 Roblox created shirts and pants, now Robloxians don't have to be naked with their penis exposed, and welcomes Guests on Roblox who are both deaf and mute and don't help Roblox at all. In 2009, Roblox came to court to remove the circle studs because of Lego's copyright law, Lego had the Copyright claim in one hand and the Desert eagle in the other hand, Roblox releases expensive Limited and Unique (Which isn't really Unique) items that only a certain number of Robloxians can have.

edit New Roblox

Roblox started going downhill since 2008 and really started going downhill in 2010, New Robloxian 2.0 bodies look much human like and caused an outbreak on Online dating on Roblox, by the end of 2010, Builders club only games were added, This sparked criticism and is proof that the Roblox admins are really greedy. Roblox adds these new blocks and tools that appear much like Blockland blocks and personal servers on Roblox let robloxians build together, Personal servers also lets Robloxians become terrorists like Osama Bin Laden,

edit Roblox's Theme Parks

Have you ever been to a theme park in Roblox, if you haven't go there right now, Roblox has over a thousand of theme parks, with one of the best roller coasters out there, Coasters on Roblox derail very often making them exceptionally dangerous and may give you a higher chance of losing your life, not even Six Flags and Cedar Fair can prevent this either.

edit Roblox Point

Roblox point is a beautifully designed Cedar Fair amusement very popular in Roblox which has over 700,000 visits, what is highly noticeable is that the park has hired alot of Janitors to sweep up the copses of people who died on the Roller Coasters, Roblox point has 4 Roller Coasters which they have no name.

  • The Blue Coaster, Inspired mostly by the famous Vortex at Kings Island, This coaster serves great fun for people over 48 inches.
  • The Wooden Coaster, A wooden roller coaster that has an inversion, Serves the crazy wooden experiences for people over 48 inches.
  • The Red Coaster, A Hydraulic Launched roller coaster that barely functions and causes many rollbacks, for people over 52 inches.
  • The White Coaster, An inverted coaster that serves insane crazy fun for people over 54 inches.

edit Gravity Oasis

Gravity Oasis is a Theme park for the people who wants the go into a high detailed amusement park but couldn't because their computers suck ass, This theme park serves 2 Roller coasters for thrill seekers.

  • The PolerCoaster, A roller coaster inspired by the strip club, this coaster serves crazy fun for people over 48 inches.
  • The Hybrid Coaster, A crazy roller coaster inspired by the famous Hollywood rip ride rockit, this coaster is for people over 48 inches.

edit Thrillville

Created by the amazing JJ5x5, this park has been voted the safest theme park in the world with no recorded Incidents, Thrillville holds crazy fun for the hardy people who want to have some thrills, It is also Roblox's first theme park.

edit Six Flags, Great Robloxia

The First Six Flags theme park on Roblox, It was made by Jacob6441443 under the name of Jacob6441443 but he later sold the park to Six Flags, ever since Six Flags bought the park, no new attractions were added, This park serves 3 roller coasters for thrill seekers.

  • The Yellow Coaster, A roller coaster designed to be the least scariest of the three and derails most often, serves fun for people over 54 inches.
  • The Blue Coaster, A Roller Coaster that defies the laws of roller coaster physics that sends people through so many inversions making people sick, also the coaster is full of yellowish brown vomit so what is the point of calling it blue, serves great fun for people over 59 inches.
  • The Red Coaster, A Scary Fast Inverted Roller Coaster that soars you around the park, Serves crazy fun for people over 52 inches.

edit Other Theme Parks

  • Thrill City
  • Noobland
  • HeideLand
  • Aduro World
  • The Deadliest theme park in the World
  • Bloxland
  • Strip Club Theme Park
  • Osama's Theme Park
And many more theme parks we don't care about.
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