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Greenery and flowers 27

Dear Jack Michealson,

It's me, that time with you during a kid was awesome and I remembered you sitting on my lap as you were crying for my love. I was sneaking in your room disposing some of my useless shit every year, and share a wonderful time with me on Christmas eve ever since you were just a young lad. Oh, the happy times we have shared, and yes it has been wonderful but when I leave you think that I don't care about you?

I don't care about you at all, I don't give a shit about anyone, in fact, I'm a fat drunk man dressing up as Santa being pedophilish, in Fact all these letters you find here is lie! Santa would not want to get exposed and of that was made up by the adults who would make kids think santa really exists!

Also do I really need to dump my girlfriend, well she is a whiny bitch who does extreme demands, heck last night she died trying to light a fire in the fireplace with a flamethrower, I will get another girlfriend, but not you!, that santa moments, is just me, the pedophile, Also I gave you Aids 1 year ago, I have Aids too, by another pedophile, My life sucked, I was constantly bullied in 3rd grade, all the time, I had me leg pulled off, so I'm using a prosthetic one, all these bullies were such stupid fags, No one accepted me, so I became a big jolly pedophile!

Also you were the one who dropped the shovel on me by the roof, I was thinking the leaves were stuck in the trough but you dropped the shovel on me so!

Fuck You!, By,
Snowman again

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