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“Go Infinity and Beyond!”
~ Buzz Aldrin in his rocket ship.
“The moon is a useless ugly grey rock!”
~ Oscar Wilde on the moon.
“Giggity, Going to have sex with one of these moon aliens!”
~ Quagmire on the moon.
Neil Goldman

Neil Armstrong talking about the moon!

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Aldrin.

Micheal Jackson

Micheal Collins.


The moon.


And artists impression on what a moon alien looks like.

Cheese 800px-Various cheeses

Moon rocks, brought back by Apollo 11.11

As technology grew more and more, we were curious on going to the moon, We we expecting aliens to be greeting us, we were wanting sex with an alien, They built a rocket ship called the Apollo 11.11 Beta and we brought a handful of people most famous being, Neil Armstrong, Micheal Collins, Buzz Aldrin and the Farting Gnome, since farting is the only way to power Apollo 11 because of an eating disability, but that farting gnome was a jerk, They wished to throw him out but they couldn't since that was the only way to power a rocket, so they locked him in an engineering room.

edit During the Expedition

Going to the moon took a couple of days, Neil Armstrong was so excited he bounced wanting sex with aliens which looks like drunk hookers when actually there is no aliens, many hours of exploring later they discovered that the Moon was actually being a Deadman Wonderland with a population of only a few humans, Some say that the aliens were hiding and erasing their footprints, fearing the Neil Armstrong will rule the moon, which he did successfully already putting the flag of Canada on the moon even though Neil Armstrong is American, There is not even trees on the moon! They had fun only a few minutes on the moon doing the Easter bunny hop, They brought some moon rocks which is actually cheese, later on this cheese gave people an idea of producing Armstrong Cheese, Cheesebob Squarepants, Cows, Vampires, and Werewolves.

edit Criticism about the moon

For decades now, the moon was the only celestial body other than earth that people have been on, and it is boring, The find out never were there aliens on the moon, many criticized the moon to sometimes be a total fuckface and is sometimes ditching the earth, this is because the Moon couldn't handle pain very well, this has lead the extinction of the Zorgons, Trilobites, and Dinosaurs, Most people are taking it for granted, many people came far to wanting to blow up the moon, Metacritic has rated the moon a 001/100 but of course, nobody said the moon was more useless than Sakura Haruno.

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