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Hurricane Ike
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Natural Disasters
Order Storms
Family Thunderstorms
Genus Vortexs
Species Hurricanies
Binomial name
Vortexs Hurricanies
Primary armament Wind
Secondary armament Intensity
Power supply Destruction
Health 40,000
Mana 100,000
Strength 200,000
Intelligence 500
Weight None
Length 500km
Special attack One eyed monsters that fuck with the earth
Conservation status
Critically Endangered

Hurricanes are deadly one eyed monsters found in the Atlantic Ocean, They are the most dangerous species on earth, despite that, they are endangered, the cause is that they don't know how to control themselves very well and would weaken in cold waters, thus causing them to die. Usually they don't go extinct because they hatch with their ability to lay eggs that not needing to have sex, but this doesn't mean the eggs can be safe, several times have the Africans picked up the eggs and destroyed them, but these eggs are extremely hard to find,

edit Saffir Simpson Fucking Hurricane Scale

edit Tropical Depression (Weak Pussies)

Storms that tried to grow up but failed to thus entering the cold water.

edit Tropical Storm

Storms that are better than tropical depressions but not by much.

edit Category 1

Hurricanes that does damage but aren't very good at it.

edit Category 2

Hurricanes that does damage and are doing better at it.

edit Category 3

Hurricanes that does damage and are good at it.

edit Category 4

Hurricanes that does damage and are great at it.

edit Category 5

Hurricanes that are badass and does lots of damage.

edit Category 6

Hurricanes that are even more badass that they may endure well in a toilet.

edit Category 7

Hurricanes that are even more badass and can destroy cities in Svalbard

edit Category 8

Hurricanes that are fucking badass and would kill the north pole, this might kill santa.

edit Hypercanes (Hurricanes on Steroids)

Hurricanes that have overdosed on Steroids and Sugar thus making them a fucking monster, Thus may damage earths Ozone layer and has the longest lifespan of a year, these fucking monsters make Category 5 hurricanes the tiny eddies.

edit Mini Black Hole

Hurricanes that are so intense that they're a black hole.

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