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An excited little kid who is learning on how to get struck by lightning safely.

Getting struck by lighting can be quite dangerous, unless certain precautions are taken. I shall first demonstrate the unsafe method, then I will show you how to do it safely, First off if you don't know what lightning it, it's a straight light object that hits either the sky or ground!

Lightning is something you love to hug, like a creeper, which they're both dangerous.

edit Starting off

Lightning Rod

An example of a lightning rod.

First you will need something that conducts electricity, Like a lighting rod, If you don't have one the go buy one at Walmart, They sell it for a low price of $2500. These things are great conductors of electricity and is made out of metal or a metalloid, copper is most commonly used, people install anywhere to avoid getting their house struck.

edit Now showing off the unsafe method

Scary Thunderstorm

The weather should look something like this.

Now wait for a thunderstorm, You can't do it when there are no thunderstorms coming, the clouds need to be dark and you need to see lighting and the scary loud thundering sound that goes BOOM!!!

edit Using a Lightning Rod

Hold the lightning rod as high as you can, good then go outsi


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