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Jin Mao Tower

Skyscraper as of September 15, 2013.

Hotel Mario is a 502 meter 104 story Skyscaper topped out in Womenhattan and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2014 and open in the summer of 2014, Construction began in 2008

edit The Cancelled video game

“And you gotta help us!”
1 Kagome playing PS3

Players expression on playing the game.

Hotel Mario
1 1 1 1 fake ass game!
The cover of Hotel Mario.
Developer(s) Nintendoh
Publisher(s) Phillips
Release date July 13, 2011 (Beta), Never officially released!
Genre Hentai
Platform(s) 2dimensional Arcade
Rating Rx-hentai, AO (Adults only, The 3-, not the 18+)
Would Jon Stewart play it? Only if drunk

The game Hotel Mario is a Yaoi Hentai CD-i game made by Philips based off the name of the skyscraper but has noting to do about it, the story follows Gay Luigi and her brother Mario, The objective of this game is to save the princess and fuck her from the evil lord Bowser who is a Turtle who runs fucking slow, and also force her to make Spaghetti, also your second objective is to have sex with all 7 billion people on earth, it is also conisdered to be the most offensive game in the world when it was in it's Beta Release and is banned in all countries except for Japan, Mexico, and Canada, since they don't know what censorship is but is actually the smartest countries in the world, many drunken Americans have migrated to Canada or Mexico to play such an offensive game, even the game creator was arrested because the game was promoting terrorism, drugs, and Kidz bop and was sued only a Penny, The court he gone to was far up north in Grise Fiord, The game was then cancelled because of it's offensiveness.

edit Critical Reception of the game

Tromso Polar Night

The most graphic scene in Hotel Mario

Hotel Mario has been receiving negative reviews and is considered to be one of if not the most graphic hentai ever on the planet, This puts Night Shift Nurses to shame because Hotel mario, every scene is them being naked and growing penis's to reach unreachable things, There is also alot of violence in shit which also brings Elfen lied to shame, Even Apocalypse zero!, Every second is scenes of innocent gay luigi dismembering and decapitating people and sleeps on them! Critics didn't rate this as the game was cancelled

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