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The city that the series was based on.

1 Christmas Carolers

The main cast on Higurashi.

Higurashi no naku koro ni , also known as prepare you Assholes and when Cicada's Cry (like a little girl) is a Japanese Horror mystery anime series located in the City of Alta in Norway aswell as Norilsk in Russia and is one of the most graphically violent anime series in the world where 85% of the world couldn't handle and will cause paranoia and autism, The anime series consists of 74 ass wiping episodes where you'd most likely shit your pants on every episodes, people who finished it are referred to as champions or murderers and most of these episodes take place during the midnight sun, usually every 4 episodes a new story takes place and repeats the same murders in the city of Tromso in Norway because a psychopathy outbreak epidemic is spreading over this city, Cameos in this series includes Lucy from Elfen Lied, Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki, and Katonaha Katsura from School Days, Though this place takes in Norway, alot of Japanese things take place.

Higurashi is also a hentai series because of the Violence, there was also pornography, sadly it doesn't rank up with Night Shift Nurses because the sexual content is not too graphic, though lots of nudity and sexual content takes place in it, There is also some bondaging so watching this is going to be pretty hard.

edit Characters

Characters that will remember for over a decade, there is about 100 so I'm only listing the more major.

edit Keiichi


Keiichi in his most gruesome death.

A paranoid male character who is worrying that he will fall victim to being murdered by one of these girls, despite looking pretty young, he is actually 42 years old, he is also a pedophile and is seeking for young cute looking girls, though now fearing, he fall victims to these murders, several times he has been killed or killed someone.


Quagmire has been arrested for stealing a cardboard cutout of Rena by a house we don't know lives and had sex with it, He's sentenced to 2 months in prison.

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