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Helo, my nam is Billy and i jst turnd 6 years old you shuld know me from the Articole I did about Osuma bin alladin the terorist who kiled tommy and tammy, so im doing an articole about the Dinosur extincton i red on wikipeda, i been waching many vilent shos like Elfen Lied and plaed Gangsta games like Grand Theft Auto V, Now sit bak and let me sip on me apple joose.

Plus i did it all bie myself.

edit How it ocurd

65 milion yers ago an astroid slamed into the erth very vilently hiting Mexico were dora lives right nao dora de explora died and so were the brontosauruss, it wes devastading, it was so brite it can make you go blind, and burnd them, it also made the flesh seem trnspernt, lukly there are survivers, those who were shelded by a montin, however, the astroid shaterd into peces and some the size of towers, it hit them and then a erthquak mesuring 12 hit de floor, also puls waves push them away, it wiped dem out.

edit Evnts on othr places

1 1 1 1 1 Billy picture

this is a pikshur i paintd during kindergarten, mommy then hunged it up on the refrijuratur.

The erthquak happend in Canada which i call the colder verson of mexico, then winter turn to summer when a dens clod called de ejecda causd a forst fire, many Tyranosaurs and tricertops were ded, howeva some survivd, Mongola a contry I just learnd todai is also on the impac, the temperter rised to 300 degreez, past the boling pont of water, then Dust strms formd, then tsunmis rages in the low lyng costs, it was all madnes, the ejecda made it dificult for plants to grow, and caused many hervors to starv, it causd them to die month later, The astrod aso causd eruptons to mongolia.

Also the ejcda cloud that covered the sun tht oncd heatd the erth is now cooling it! it took years to fade away.

edit De Aftermth

all of dem died, some eggs surviv and harch, tho imbreding an disese wekened their tiny poplation, they died and mamals emerged, and thats what made me born, humans are mamals now its time for me to end this articole, because its my bedtim!

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