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edit How to name your kid

Uh oh. You have a kid now. Oh well, now comes the most fun part of having a kid: naming it. After this, it's all downhill, unless you "accidentally" leave you kid at the last rest stop, or push it down the stairs, or sell him to a mining company, or get rid of him in some other way. Naming your kid is not only fun, but easy too!

edit Good Names

From experience, I can say that the best names for kids contain words related to violence, meat, building supplies and tools, and space travel. For example, here are some good kid names:

  • Butch Rocket
  • Knifey McBlood
  • Bomb Gunknife
  • Bloody McBrick
  • Hammer Bloodblood
  • Steak Knifejet
  • Kill Burgerplanet
  • Rocket Meatstab

These names are good for boys because it helps to teach them about manly things. Also, these names are good for girls because... who cares, just name your girl Bomb Gunknife, she'll thank you when she's old enough to appreciate the name you picked out from a list on a stupid website. Don't worry, the other kids at school will like Bomb just fine.

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