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“Holy crap he's cool! I hope I can grow up to be just like him.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Benson

~ Benson on Oscar Wilde's above quote

Benson has decided that Benson's pure greatness cannot be contained on a puny "userpage". Furthermore anyone who edits this page besides Benson himself shall be cursed with the curse of Benson... a fine curse indeed.

edit Bio

One day a woman was giving birth to a baby. A baby destined for greatness. That is when Benson came to Earth in a meteorite which crashed into the hospital where the baby was being born. Benson aimed for the hospital... HAHAHA! Let that teach you a lesson: nobody is born on the same day Benson is.

edit People Who Messed With Benson... And Lived To Regret It

edit Bio Chapter 2

Benson was raised by himself. Baby Benson doesn't need help. Baby Benson was 8" tall at age 2, and was already superior to you! Interesting side note: Benson is part God. Also, Benson is the Hulk. When Benson was born, there were many bad omens. The Pope died. Also, the show Alf premiered. Speaking of Alf,

edit More People Who Messed With Benson... And Lived To Regret It

  • Alf

That is all.

edit People Who Have Messed With Benson... And Benson Can't Do Anything About It

  • Evil Benson

edit Conclusion

In conclusion, Benson will one day take over the Earth and kill many innocent people (hopefully all at once).

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