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Ghostface is just another one of them disturbingly friendly horror villains—although he doesn't like cookies. In fact, he hates them!

~ Ghostface on cookies

He is very much like Oscar the Grouch (another name for Oscar Wilde). He lives in a trash can and is very grouchy and slashes anyone who happens to walk by, singing "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". BTW, he hates Mister Rogers. In fact, he hates him so much, that one night he was stalking Mister Roger's girlfriend and made her promise never to ever marry Rogers, or he would force-feed her one of Leatherface's fresh-baked cookies. AAAAAAAUUUGGGHH! He wears a mask that looks like a twisted, warped Casper. Casper is very nice and hated this and sued Ghostface for violating Copyright issues (Casper is a Wikipedian). Then the two got into a big, bloody fight and Casper impaled Ghostface with his own spatula and then Ghostface decapitated Casper. Blast 'im!

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