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Tate mcviking

Both an author and artist, this is Tate's self portrait, made with MS Paint.

Well, here I am.

Pages I've Created

Well, at least tried to create. They kinda take off after I'm through with 'em. Brings a tear to my eye.

I realize that they're not all funny. And that is where you can help. Help me make these funny by expanding on them. That is what you can do. By the way, why are you on my user page? That's just weird...


HATE ME FOR WHAT I LOVE! Yes, I love toasters. What can I say? They're just so...good to me!


Both an author and artist, this is a rendition of Tate's toaster.

To Beloved


Many people can't wait to take their new toaster on a walk in the park.

I finally figured what I was banging my head into
And it was not a person I was talking to
My little toaster, I really do miss you
My little toaster, I'm sorry I sold you
My toaster, one day I will find you
And you tell me toasters can't walk
And you tell me toasters can't talk
Well I'll continue my stubborn defiances
And continue to talk to kitchen appliances
Until my little toaster, I find you
Yes the crazy old man has lost his head
And talks to things that only toast bread
Well, let me tell you there's more that they can do
Like toast bagels, waffles, and Eggos too
So my little toaster, I'm coming to find you
And hope that you days are not through
Because my toaster, I'm going to save you

Pictures of animals that don't exist, but should


The Giant Wooly Tundra Snail, seen here, grazes in its natural habitat, the tundra.


The Fire-Breathing Hamster, often used to light cigarettes.


The Electric Eagle prepares to get some Gordon Fried fishy sticks. Notice the evil purple electricity.

Yeah, I made them all by myself. With paint. Because I can't afford to buy a better picture editor. Because I don't work. Because I do nothing but make pictures with paint. It's a never ending cycle.

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