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Fiend Club


“This needs better ideas and a lot less glue.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Newton's drinking game.
“This game sucks.”
~ Richard Feynman on his arbitrary preference for blows.
“Yess! it makes me so happy!”
~ Paris Hilton on having escaped from prison through the tunnel she dug with a spoon.
“but I only HAD one drinks!”
~ Canadian space navy on why that cant be the reason they just crashed the rocket...again
“You were doing well, until everybody died.”
~ The Sentient Galaxy on Human History, and also your pathetic attempt to follow directions.
“If you do this right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all.”
“Muhahahaa, our quote is at the bottom!”
~ Robotic ghost pirates on having finally achieved some small victory.

GAME! I buried it for centuries last week and look! its totally fine!! sweet.


oh no! whats wrong with his face? I mean arm!

90Y7U6VCB65SWR445 <---??!

edit Do THIS:

edit because there are rules here you know


Spiders rally in preparation for their final showdown with King Dragonfly


  • Make a list of words that are named after people/places/events... specific!
  • also words with strange definitions can work.
  • put them on cards! along with what they are really named after, etc.

you're so dumb! I think you need an example: the Rastafarian word Irie is an acronym for 'I Rule I Eternally'


I made them for you, WTF!! dont be rude!

Head on

OMG lady! your not supposed to use that much.

maybe it looks like this?

 ----------------     h a n d   
 |  where does  |   h o o o o   | f
 |    -xxx-     |   a m m m m   | i
 |  come from?  |   n i i i i   | n
 |   answer.    |   d t t t t   | g
 | also accept. |     t t t t   | e
 |  or unnac.   |     e e e e   | r
 ----------------     d d d d   V s

only the word and its meaning or origin are accually needed unless you have no sense of human, k?

  • nobody is the smartest, but he still forgot if it was better to win or lose.
  • whoever asked the question awards points and drinks
  • correct answers are double...or much, much more, but shared at winners discression. sharing can be done in blatant defiance of any standing embargo provided the target is not zZzzZZt0oDrinksZZZzzzZZzzz.
  • whoever asks the question is responsible for inventing some type of award when necessary.

edit Try not to use this crappy example k?

It would more than likely precipitate the formation of... wait for it... pan-galactic~embargoD?

Islam isnt violent

Some guy who likes freedom... well his freedom anyway.

"The Nation of Islam has duely awarded you this pineapple for your combat actions. but have asked you not to use it in anger, cuz its sharp"


you do know whos fault this was right?.

thats when you said:

"dude WTF! we need pineapples to play this game?!" "dude", wow.

You're so dumb! you dont really need a pineapple, get over it already.

If the recipient demands his or her pineapple, one need only hold it up and explain that this pineapple is both weightless and invisible to those who are but pawns in the grand pattern of human existance.

!! then hand it to them and axe: "Cool color isnt it?"

Benson Message

9/10 dentists would let me bribe them to say "BOOM! your pineapple problem has been solved." without asking any questions, but I dont give them money... cuz then I wouldnt have any left for them to steal !!! which only makes them MORE ANGRY.



A warning? really? wtf I suck at fascism.

edit a.k.a. Wanton M. Destruction in his early years

embargo you say? well... nobody knows! and nobody likes you! but that doesnt matter cuz hes deaf and cant hear your questions.

hey, but for some reason when you went to see him, he just started talking about it! how cool is that! he cant even hear what he's saying.

oh and ya, it is ok to make fun of his weird *removed by unpopular demand*, this can even be done while he's talking to you, because he never learned to read lips (or books). so he's not offended and it's all good.


so ummm... since you're so dumb! and you cant remember what he told you, I will splain again for free.

its when all the drinks will become illegal in one minute, for four minutes, so drink up... or something else cuz that was probably just the rantings of a grumpy deaf guy who was DEF not happy to see you again... but thats ok! considering what you did to his cat.

Path of true tastiness

Just cuz you can draw a stupud pucture doesnt mean you can convince me that tongues are evil

Maybe he knew you were too drinks to pay attention anyway?

Wow, that means nobody knows you're a crappy friend, ?that sucks!... I think.

BUT ! he did say anyone who breaks the embargo must drinks as THE PUNISHMENT especially if it was an aKXident

BUTT ! I changed so it can also be like the penalty box in hockey. OMG you didnt even know! and im not gonna tell you! haha you're so dumb.

edit Hey the card thing could say this?

242 Day

no points for this!

edit A boring question and answer: !shit yeah it involves History.


dont worry, we only needed one...

Q: where does Shrapnel come from

A: a dude, name of William Shrapenel... he straight INVENTED that shit

better answer? Radioactive Cheesium.

better? hmm maybe the Pants Vaporizer.

better? Evilution.

better? dont axe me these wack-ass questions!

better? the MOOO.oOON landing.

better?? teh bombs, actually this is not so good, but still better than that guy over there, for sure.

better??? im cerial stop asking me that. I happen to be sum'buuuh'dy K?!ok!

bestist??? AN EXPLOSION! see also: the fearsome and always unexpected.........

............................ ..

........ ...... ... ............ ..........

   Spanish Inquisition!! *to be used only as needed and with extreme caution*

bestister???? some made up explanation or definition that you can convince someone is real, even if only for a second. thats not possible so I wont write anything here.

negative points are always acceptable, that is of course until people realize that they..... well I best not tell you that either.

OMG! would you just trust me on this!? its for your own good u freak.

edit !FIN

Some other stuff not worth mentioning could possibly include:

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