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From Prussia with Love
Mom! That weird guy is outside our house again!
Developer(s) Stroggen Fokker Diamler! (The Prussian Gaming Company)
Publisher(s) Nintendo (That Japs working with the Germans? That's a first.)
Release date 2003
Genre Shooting/Subliminal/James Bond
Platform(s) All the Fun ones.
Rating M for Marxists
Would Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore play it? Maybe...

From Prussia with Love, A game released in 2003 by the Prussian Gaming company. It takes place in 1966. It stars James Bond and Agent 0. it is perhaps one of the most controversial games in our time, including Anti-Gay, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Black and even Anti-Racist Propaganda stitched into it's fabric. Developer Hatlier Agolf said nothing on this.

edit Plot

It begins with you, James bond in your luxurious American apartment, you of course with your 7 brides having a hot-tub gala, getting drunk and using the internet, Playing Xbox and getting fat. Bibely calls you to his office, you rush out and get into your big giant american Automobile, However you cannot drive due to the fact that your stomach is turning the wheel and your just a stupid american.

Fat and Stupid American doctors try to save you, however they just drop cheetos in your open stomach because they were too stupid to pay attention to the patient. You Die.

10 years later, you are dug up by fit and strong Prussian Doctors (All White of course.) and take you to their labratory in Munich. where you are brought back to life, but with an altered Brain. One doctor Says "You are James Bond. '007'. You are now a Prussian Soldier who will do as we say.". As an American you agree.

edit Level 1

In Level 1 you must Drive to Northern Munich to collect 2 bombs. You are no longer fat, but still stupid. Make sure you always have your eyes on the road or else James Bond, The Stupid american will explode. Once you pick up the Bombs some FBI agetns attack you. You must shoot them all, They are huge targets, them and their big stomachs. This is actually a target training mission.

edit Level 1 Cheats and Easter Eggs

This level does not have many Cheats or Easter Eggs, Except the Obvious Junk-Food Blood Trick. If you were to Lead the Fat Americans to the Snack store, they will eat all of the Junk-Food, Than if you shoot them, they will explode into Doritos.

Also, if you Push Up, Down, Left, Down, Up, Hitler will aid you in this level.

edit Level 2

In this Level, you have to go to a Winter Cottage in Denmark, When outside the Cottage avoid the Dutch Beggers, they will attack and make you high. After making love to the Princess of Germany's Hot Friend, you must go out in a Ski-doo (Or SNOW DRIVING MACHINE FOR EXELENT WINTER TRANSPORTATION as referred to in the game.) and shoot off Dutch Terrorists.

edit Level 2 Cheats

edit The Tank Cheat

Although hard to pull off, very rewarding. If you can Get off your Ski-doo and go a bush and pledge negligence to the American Flag and spit at the dutch, you will gain a 500 Ton Tank, Complete with Black Slaves with whom to Operate it. It is quite helpful, due to the Fact that the Tank is hard to control.

edit Level 3

This is the Final Level, you must travel the USA and assassinate the President, first you must go to the whitehouse as a UN official, if you shoot your weapon, there will be many FBI agents on your Ass. Once you get into the Office of the President, you must say "Hello Sir" he will say "GOOD DAY!" choose to say "I too like Texas" or else he will kill you. After this you can kill him. The Prussian President, will reveal he has been following you this whole time and declares the entire world, The Empire of Prussia. Except for Japan.

edit Controversy

in the 2004 Micheal Moore Documentary, "Hitler II" He describes this game as "ANTI-AMERICAN" mainly due to the fact that the Start-up screen is America being destroyed. George Bush said "I Agree with fattie, It's un-american!" Game-spot has stopped Stocking this Game on all of there shelves. File:Prussia.PNG

edit The GREAT game Reviews!

Stakenverggen of M.G.G (Mandatory German Games) said this is the best game he has ever reviewed.. All the employees of the IGN Prussian HQ said that If they didn't say that this is the best game ever they would die If this wasn't the best game ever they had played that they would die. By 2010 The 6 Billion of the World's Population will ADORE THIS GAME (Or Else). Rule Prussia! LONG LIVE MARX!

Destroy Bush

This is the Final Boss Stage, thanks to Brilliant Prussian Game-Makers we were able to make such Stunning Graphics. . . HAIL PRUSSIA!

edit Rule Prussia!

The Makers of this Game would like to Humbly announce: Rule Prussia! By 2010 Prussia will be the World Superpower and all will tremble underneath it's glory! Never underestimate it's power! We have bombs! HAIL HAILTER!!!

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