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Dude, these "WikiAdmin" nerds who rule Uncyclopedia truly do so with an iron fist! I've never seen such an absolute definition of "funny" in my life! I think retards and farts are funny! That guy doesn't. He thinks Wes Anderson movies are funny. I don't. I watch The Simpsons religiously, he watches The Office. The only thing that can solve this problem is, of course, terrorist attacks.

Sometimes (or most of the time), random nonsense is not funny at all. Other times, the stupidity of it elevates it to a level of funny. It's a mysterious phenomenon that few can understand.

But one thing is certain - if all humor were dictated by a set of rules, it would eventually lose the ability to be funny. And suddenly, that which defies those rules would become the new funny. FAARRRRTTT!!!

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