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You can make a google search with this.

To use:

Place {{User:B1KWikis/ggl|Search query|Text to display as your link}}

for example:

If you place {{User:B1KWikis/ggl|Fuck+This|Click here to search for flowers and ponies}}, the result will be:

Click here to search for flowers and ponies

Simply placing a search query and no caption will generate this:


That is, a number generated by its position relative to other *ahem* links w/o captions, just like references.

However, placing this template missing both the query and the text will generate this:


Which is just stupid.

Shortcut: /G

Click Here for another example:

edit I N D E X 2

* Main Page

* Candle Jack
* Cool Story Bro
* Fiber
* Games
* Images
* Link to link to link 
* My Newgrounds Page
* redundant page 
* Sand Box
* Works 
* ^_^

* Citation Needed Template
* Fake Featured Template
* Font Size Template
* Google Template
* Index of Things
* Logo Replacement Template
* Quotes Template
* Signature
* Super Font Size Template
* Whoops

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