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To use, Place {{User:B1KWikis/cn/2|Displayed Text|Link|Caption}}
Unfortunately, Variable {{{2}}} (the link) has no if  operator, only {{{3}}} (the caption) does, but the second  must have a link, or else this won't work properly. Therefore the bare  minimum of information for the template is providing {{{1}}} and  {{{2}}}, meaning {{ /cn/2|{{{1}}}|{{{2}}} }} Technical  restrictions prevent an if within an if, therefore I can't make an if  statement for the second variable.

If you must know, the technical restriction is that the second field scores through the entire code, so attempting to close the if operator leaves an extra "]]" at the end, ruining the illusion. However, the third field can be left blank since it's closure is within the wiki's ability. The second variable also can't be closed because that would mean an if within an if, and apparently, wikis can't do that.

Ex: {{User:B1KWikis/cn/2|FeCK}} Would produce this:


As you can see, this is pretty ugly, the link part needs to be filled in.
If you need use a hyperlink (http://), just place the full URL into the
area where you would normally place the internal link.

Ex: {{User:B1KWikis/cn/2|Google| |Google}} produces:

[[Google]] This template is sort of buggy, but don't let that "|" bother you.

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