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      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for [[{{{1}}}]]?

whoops, you could've been looking for Shit{{#if:|<option weight="4">[[{{{1}}}]]

Test of IF Template here: (should display "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP" all 'linebreak'-ed, and with links)


{{#if:2| {{#if:if|

B}} {{#if:3| {{#if:|

C}} {{#if:4| {{#if:|



{{#if:2| {{#if:if|

F}} {{#if:3| {{#if:|

G}} {{#if:4| {{#if:|



{{#if:2| {{#if:if|

J}} {{#if:3| {{#if:|

K}} {{#if:4| {{#if:|



{{#if:2| {{#if:if|

N}} {{#if:3| {{#if:|

O}} {{#if:4| {{#if:|


Test 2: Put "|ONE", should display "1" Success, if display

1 {{{2}}} {{{3}}} {{{4}}}

Then more work must be done


{{#if:2| {{#if:if|

[[{{{2}}}]]}} {{#if:3| {{#if:|

[[{{{3}}}]]}} {{#if:4| {{#if:|


Result: Minor success; It displayed every link in the first test, and only the one link in the second, but it has ugly code showing.

edit Documentation

To use this template, enter this:
{{User:B1KWikis/Whoops|Article title}}

Which produces:

      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Article title?

This template supports anywhere from one to five (now TWENTY!) entries. To add more, just do it like this:
{{Whoops|Article title|Page name|Okay, we get it now|This joke isn't funny anymore|I WILL KILL YOU|etc|etc}}

This produces:

      Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Article title, or Page name? How about Okay, we get it now, or This joke isn't funny anymore? Or possibly even I WILL KILL YOU?you get the point

Once upon a time it was only possible to use one entry per usage of the template, so pages tended to get spammed with several instances of {{Whoops}}. If you see a page with multiple instances of this template, please eliminate unfunny ones and condense them into single templates. If you have to have more than five links, you're probably[1] doing it wrong. Well...That was what the original author said, but I say three's company.

  1. Definitely!

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