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This is my sand box, kind of exclusively for my use.

I will clear this out every now and then, with links to where I moved the experiments, If I do

I'll put experimental technology and explanations of abstract concepts nobody understands here, and use Sub templates

edit Sub-Templates

* Experimental Super Font




#XXXXXX color codes finally explained: Each code is divided into hex triplets, meaning that XXXXXX is actually read as: XX XX XX

FF_00_CC is pink because:





%__%__% or Red is at 160% (100%)[1] (FF), Green is at 0% (00) and Blue is at 130% (CC) and when the values are combined, FFOOCC is created Just like I can easily create a sharp blue color with 00-00-FF, or 0000FF, like this

Now, this actually makes it pointless to use the base pairs in combinations, such as 1F, because the only difference is 216/16[2]minute shades of that color.[3] You really might as well use the same character twice, example: this looks nearly identical to this and looks a lot like this

It is easier to use FF-00-00 and then CC-00-00 and then 99-00-00

Meaning it is better to think of it as X-X-X than XX-XX-XX.

here is a site that also explains it.


  1. since hexadecimal means base 16, it's really easier to write in terms of 160%(=100%)
  2. (2 to the 16th power) divided by 16
  3. meaning that it is only used for extreme precision

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