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Chozo 1
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Chozoidae
Family Chozoinae
Genus Chozo
Species chozo
Binomial name
Chozo chozo
Primary armament eye beams
Secondary armament beak
Power supply Chozo lore
Health 410
Mana 630
Strength 15
Intelligence 80
Weight 140 lb.
Length ~2 m
Special attack Chozo ghost
Conservation status
Nearly Extinct

The Chozo are a species of bird-like extra-terrestrials whose civilization covered much of the galaxy. The Chozo raised Samus Aran and outfitted her with the power suit, power beam, missiles, and the morph ball. They are mysterious and godlike.

edit History

The Chozo are responsible for creating the original Metroids in an attempt to stop the X Parasites from destroying the biosphere of the planet SR 388. Chozo ruins have been discovered on the planets Zebes, Tallon IV, and SR-388. The Chozo are currently either extinct, nearly so, or in hiding, much like their Luminoth allies.

The Chozo civilization is one of the oldest and most technologically advanced in the universe. Much of its technology is not fully understood by the galaxy’s current inhabitants, stupid humans and even stupider Space Pirates.

edit Tallon IV

The ruins on Tallon IV are a sort of regression; the Chozo, or perhaps only a few colonists, integrated themselves with the planet's biosphere. They did not entirely abandon their technology, but for the most part the Tallon IV colony was made of simpler material, and the indigenous organisms were allowed to roam freely through the civilization. They viewed the natives with reverence and respect, hoping to become enlightened in their tending of other life. The Chozo of Tallon IV eventually achieved this enlightenment and left their bodies behind, inhabiting another dimensional plane and wandering the universe in contemplation. The Chozo worked hard to perfect their statuary and only the most skilled artisans were allowed to construct them. Some statues have special powers, oftentimes helping Samus. One inscription says that "Those who respect our statues will know the friendship of the Chozo. Those who deface or destroy them will know our wrath, unfettered and raw."

The decline of the Chozo colony on Tallon IV can be directly attributed to Phazon(known to the Chozo as "the Great Poison") and the being who produces it, Metroid Prime(known to the Chozo as "the worm". Once Phazon infected Tallon IV, the Chozo were ripped from the dimension they inhabited and forced back to "walk as ghosts" on Tallon IV. The mortal bodies of the Chozo had presumably withered away while the Chozo were living in another plane of existence. However, they could not return to the dimensional environment they had inhabited, and some of the Chozo spirits were slowly driven insane by the Phazon, becoming Chozo Ghosts (known to the Chozo as "The Turned").

edit Disappearance

The reason for the decline and apparent fall of the Chozo civilization has not yet been scientifically deduced, however, it is theorized that the Space Pirates (and possibly Mother Brain) may have had a hand in their dissapearance. The Chozo who raised Samus were alarmed to discover the presence of poisonous flowers on Zebes, flowers which were known to have been planted by the Space Pirates. Mother Brain at that point was still being used as a kind planetary control computer by the Chozo, although whether it had any part in their fall has not been revealed. It's safe to assume that the final dissapearance of the Chozo is a recent event as they were still quite known within the Federation during that time. Whether or not their civilization was already in decline at that point, or whether their fall was abruptly caused be external factors is unknown.

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