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“This is me. Start Spreading the news.”
~ Khazar on Axalon
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edit Biography

edit Childhood

Axalon was raised by a group of giant enemy crabs. He enjoyed such pastimes as reading, watching the television device, and the intarweb. His foster group taught him the lost art of real-time weapon change. When he reached the age of 13, he completed the rite of passage of flipping them over and attacking their weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE.

edit Adolescenthood

Axalon's adolescent years were a creamy blend of fansubbed anime, teenage angst, and Linux. After defeating his giant crab foster family, he went to Sony Computer Entertainment HQ and became a ridge racer! RIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDGEEEEEEE RACERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Uh, I'm running out of ideas here. After waking up from a coma after getting into a horrendous accident that actually took place in Ancient Japan, he set off to fight the forces of Evil™.

edit Adulthood

After promptly getting bored of that, he decided the forces of Evil™ weren't worth it and is currently going to accidentally the music world with musical stylings that RAWK YUOR SAWKZ. Or maybe software engineering. One of the two.

edit Cadaverhood

Whoa! Time paradox! Axalon is still alive! Funny how that works.

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