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Guitar-22px This user plays guitar because it attracts more groupies, and gets more solos than the bass.
Member of the Order

edit Another Seriousness Disclaimer

My user article is the most serious article ever. Seriously. :|

edit My Life

Well, I was born in the year of the goatse dragon. My parents constantly abused me whilst in a drug-induced haze as a young child. When I was around 8, I was introduced to the Internet. I came upon the worst web pages an 8 year old could ever suffer through, but I got a few sick laughs out of them, and became clinically insane. During my pre-teen years, I was also a certified prostitute. One of my customers happened to be Satan, and after our "meeting" was done, he gave me a taco, which I ate immediately, which happened to lead to a series of extremely horrible events. Then I became a vegabond, I traveled without a seatbelt on, I lived this close to death. I am oh so witty with my song references, by the way.

edit Please Excuse the Above Paragraph For Being Unfunny

I'm sorry, I was apparently under the influence of something when I wrote it.

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