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edit Welcome, friends, to the User Page of Atomic Disturbance

Step right up folks, you'll see some of the most- ohh, watch your step miss Brisbon... never mind, just go wash it off... Anyway, the most amusing things EVER. EVER, I tell you.

edit The Stuff I Done Did

edit The Prizes That You Can Win From Me

edit What I'm Currently Dabbling on

The Most Complecated Fucking Story I've Ever Written

First Chapter up. OC. Lemon, Lime, Vodka. Cocktails. Gary/Luke. OMG I suck at summaries, Please Review!

Author [ AtomD ] -:- Rated [Ages 3 and up] -:- Chapters [1] -:- Published [2007-05-01] -:- Hits [5] -:- Average/ Total Vote [ - / 0]

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