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In the Uncyclopedia system, the articles are written by thousands of separate and in no way equally important users. These are my articles.

edit Articles I have saved from NRV Doom!

That's right folks, I found these when they were only yay high and were HIV positive...

Well, okay, I'm going to save a lot more soon.

edit UnNews Articles

edit I spent a lot of time on

edit I did while I should have done something constructive with my life

edit Articles that are rather pleasant

These ones are not that great... Feel free to walk idly by in a apathetically bliss state.

  • DOGS Actually,I can't take all the credit for that one, although I sometimes do
  • Motorola Ahh, yes. No pictures on her barren ass as of yet, but I may just get around to it sometime

That's all for now.

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