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For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Errors in Wikipedia that have been corrected in Uncyclopedia.

This page catalogs some mistakes and omissions in Wikipedia (WP) and shows how they have been corrected in Uncyclopedia. Some errors have already been corrected in Wikipedia's online version.

edit Michael Jackson

In Michael Jackson, Wikipedia claims that:

Department searched the Neverland Ranch and issued an arrest warrant for Jackson on charges of new child molestation. Jackson was accused of sexual abuse by Gavin Arviso, who appeared in the Living with Michael Jackson documentary earlier that year. The allegations later led to a trial in which Jackson was found not guilty of all charges.

Uncyclopedia, however, has corrected this wild charges of slander with the correct story:

On July 7, 2001, Michael Jackson was arrested by Peter Pan Police at his Neverland ranch where he was viciously ass-raping a raccoon. He was charged with the mandatory rape of Thomas Phillips, an anorexic, 6 year-old hermaphradite child living in Toledo, Ohio.

edit 42 (number)

In 42 (number), Wikipedia claims that 42 equals:

{1 \over T}\int_0^T \left| \zeta\left({1 \over 2} + it\right) \right|^6\,dt

However, these people are idiots, as Uncyclopedia once again becomes the only voice of logical reason, stating the obvious:

42 is the only number equal to 42.

It is a little disturbing that this does not occur to the editors of Wikipedia.

edit Bill Nye the Science Guy

In Bill Nye, there is not one reference made to Bill's creation of the internet. However, in Uncyclopedia, this information is proudly included:

One of the most popular episodes of the series showed that Bill Nye is the true inventor of the Internet, though he did have some help from Vice President Al Gore. Sloppy editing resulted in the rumor that the politician had created the Internet, when in reality all Gore did was help Nye develop the Internet server program which was based on Hexatridecimal.
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