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“Yeah, he stole me from User:Digimon. But Digi can have Dawn. Arutoa <33”
~ Hikari on User:Arutoa
“I would consider User:Digimon and I to be rivals. In fanboyishness anyway.”
~ User:Arutoa on User:Digimon
“You are banned.”
~ Most moderators on User:Arutoa
“Best person in the world. No doubt about it.”
~ User:Arutoa on Hikari
“Gah, the stalker knows I love Hikari. GET OVER ME. If I turned that way I could find a better person.”
~ User:Arutoa on That Gay

Arutoa (Pronounciation: Epp-Ick-Win) is the alias of a specific nerd, which excessively plays RIIIIIIIIDGE Racer, which cost him 599 US Dollars. He commonly joins battle reenactments, and he mostly reenacts battles which took actually took place in Ancient Japan. He is interested in real-time weapon change, and is commonly flipped onto his back and attacked on his weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE. He writes entries for Pokémon and Moon... I mean EarthBound, also known as Mother. Due to Claus editing my page, i have left an edit-box. so edit the area below the EDITS tag as much as you want. BUT NOWHERE ELSE. ONLY EDIT THAT ONE SECTION. OKAY? I REQUEST/DEMAND THAT NOBODY EDITS IT!

Also, Arutoa CAN grasp the true form of Gigyas's attack.

edit Fanboyishness

Arutoa is in love with Hikari, but will give Dawn to fellow fanboy User:Digimon. Evidence can be gathered by visiting his fanboy base at [[1]], where he gathers Hikari artwork (commonly named Dawn artwork when drawn by most people) into his favorite list. At the moment, Arutoa is saving money to buy an engagement ring for Hikari (which means he is waiting to get a girlfriend -- not that he's unpopular, lol -- to RP as hikari), and wishes to spend eternity (literally, after all, Hikari is one of the Cullens) with her.

edit Hikari Pics


edit Projects

User:Arutoa/Lucas (Pokémon)
User:Arutoa/Lucas (Mother 3)
User:Arutoa/Claus (Mother 3)
User:Arutoa/You cannot grasp the true form of Gigyas's attack!

edit Gaming Devices

Nintendo DS

edit General things Arutoa will do

If Arutoa sees a pervy joke where it isn't needed (typically about Dawn/Hikari), he will delete it. Erm, that's it. No bad jokes where you don't need them.

edit EDITS


Captive-Male-Lion-L.jpg I eat giant enemy crabs like you for breakfast

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