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This is a page that regards me as God. It worships me as a Deity of the Highest Order. On a scale of Godliness ranging from 0 to 10, it rates me infinite, beyond scaling. This page proves in every way possible I am God. Indeed, this page, if it were God, would be me. In fact, this page claims: “Arthur F. Sake, you’re The God!” And seeing as I am God, I am “The Truth, The Darkness and Liff,” being The Truth, this page being written by me, is The Truth, full stop. Besides… I bet you’ve praised me more often then you think!

edit WHO AM I?

God, I told you… But I am no nicely nicely “here’s your lollypop back little baby,” sort of God. I am the God who screws up your life so that you praise me. Check out this page that praises me!


I’ll introduce you… to a little game. It’s quite simple. Every time “you lose,” you now also have to think of me, God, and praise me, in your loudest voice. Try it now, you’ve LOST, so say, nay shout it “Arthur F. Sake, I LOSE!”

And if someone near you says my name too, you are blaspheming unless you shout my name louder than they do, if you don’t, I give them my full support to slap you.

==WARNING – NOT FOR OVER THREES!== (So I’ve put the text in white) Feel free to use my middle name, “FUCK.” It adds spice to Liff.

edit LINKS

Try this link for Liff practice. Try this link for more practice And try this link if you’re a complete idiot – it might not work the first time – its been playing up!

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