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                 The word Homosexual derives from the Latin term

" Le Homo martius rectorium" Which literally means "To kiss another mans genitles". For years homosexuals where subject to torture and battery from the general public. Until recently, being homosexual was frowned upon because it was thought that to be "Gay" was just a poor choice, a bad idea or a silly mistake (whoopsy) rather than a genetic disfunction. Recent scientific studies have proven that it is not infact ones decisions that determines wether one is a gay or not, but that it is a condition that one is born with and unfortunatly has no control over.

                Scientists from Calofornia's head genetic lab have over the 

past few years been studieng the genetic influence that genes hold over a person's sexuality. Through cross breeding in genes and chemical analysis procedures they came up with a shocking and disturbing discovey. They somehow managed to create a gene of ultimate and complete homosexuality. This gene was so gay that if a man where even to look at it, he would turn completely gay within a matter of seconds. Experiments began immediatly after the discovery. The scientists of California, being cautios men, decided that only the smallest possible quantity of a solution extracted from the gay gene strand should be administered to a human test subject. 0.001 milograms of the solution extracted from the gay gene strand was administered to Subject no.1 John O'Neill, a succesful sandal merchant from Dublin. Within seconds he had turned completely homosexual rampaging around the lab attempting blatent rodgery of all male scientists present. Security was forced to administer him with a shotgun to the face, rendering him unalive until further notice.

                 Test subject 2. Bob of Bray , a sucessfull pigeon slayer from bray.

For Bob the dosage was slightly increased. Bob of Bray was injected with 6 pints of the gay solution. Bob simply burst into a billion fragments of pure gayness and his family were sent flowers. "These findings are frightening and this Gene is to be destroyed and quarantined." said the head of scientific gene strand research in California. Within hours the gene strand was being purchased all over the world via internet.

'My Final thought' Next time your taking your shoes off in the middle of the street so you can hit gay people with them, Remember thats its not their fault. They didnt ask for this and deep down they know its wrong. Next time give them some change or buy them a sandwhich or something, because we arent animals, they are. Thank you for reading.

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