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Alexander D. Ktorides
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Date of birth: 3.5.1988
Place of birth: Nicosia, Cyprus
Nationality: Cypriot

Dr. Alexander D. Ktorides is a Cypriot legendary figure, born in Nicosia(3.5.1988), Cyprus. At the age of just 7, he was discovered to have an extremely rare talent of producing believable and inspiring speeches. He was sent therefore to a philosophy school to improve his rhetorical abilities.

edit Political Career

By the time he was 10, he completed his training and joined the speeching team of RIK. They made several speeches in Makariou and Lidras and also some in Enaerio, Limassol. Ktorides was soon placed leader of the group, in which there where 30 year old men!! His unique ability made him a good article subject for the media. At the age of 12, he opened a new liberal party called "The Green Dragon", quite a shit name. However as the spokesman of the party, the young phenomenon organized with the help of his hesoliris friend Mr. Panteli(former president of Ano F.C.) a lot of speeches for both Greek and Turkish Cypriots to persuade them and join the new party. By the end of 2003 the party had an amazing 52.342 members, being second only to AKEL in popularity. Alexander managed to put his revolutionary yet suprisingly right-wing ideas in the inocent people's heads and at the 2003 elections he was voted President of Cyprus, making him the youngest ever leader in Histoy(at the age of 15). in 2004 as a new political genius he managed to put Cyprus in the E.U. and was praised as a hero. While returning to Cyprus he faced similar applauses like those Makarios faced when he returned to Cyprus in 1974. However, Alexander was proved to be a bastard. In 2004, he opened a new Casino copmany, the now famous "Triple V". He bought huge hotel resorts in Las Vegas and turned them into Casino-Hotel resorts, with his partner Mr. Panteli. This was proved to be a great move, as by 2005 he was earning 3.2 billion pounds per annum. That very year, he resigned from president, leaving Cyprus helpless and uncontrolled. In his excuse, he said "I'm sick of this gamimeno nisi". That very year he back stubbed his partner Mr. Panteli and sent him to court for "Stealing Company money which eventually put him to prison in 2008 while Ktorides took all of his fortune.

edit Music Career

Already a hated and loved legend, the 16 year old started a band called "Alexander the Great" which played metal music with deep political and national meanings. Their first album "Pure Shit" made phenomenal success internationally, selling over 10.000.000 copies. It was 23 times platinum in Cyprus. Next hits followed like "Enosis" or "Gay Cars and Me" which made the band quite legendary, comfortably the best ever in Cyprus but also in the entire world. Their mascot is of course Dr. himself who was lead singer, bassist and drummer. In 2008, the band won the Eurovision contest, making them and Alexander, immediate legends. The band broke up in late 2008 but left their mark in music history.

edit Recent life

"The Queen" as he is called now after he was found gay when he secretely married bodybuilder Lulis in 2007, Alexander built a new city in Troodos called Kakopetria where he has his palace. There live about 2300 loyal supporters who admire him for his contribution of making the island World Wide famous. For many cypriots he is only second to God. In the White house of Cyprus and in the Music Theatre there are Statues of him holding his pussy(he was famous for not having a dick). He is believed to be resting for a while and he promised to return and become an actor in the 2009 movie "Elton John" where he will play the singer in a biography.

edit Awards

-Gay man of the year: 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009

-Singer of the Year: 2006,2008

-Politician of the Year: 2003,2005

-Top 50 politicians of the decade, no.3: 2005

-Worst hair Model: 1998,1999,2000,2002,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009

-Richest Cypriot ever: 2006: 17 billion dollars and 60 cents.

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