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edit Some pages I think are low on saturated sucking, high on funny. (In no particular order)

HowTo:Write A Cover Letter _BY_ Procopius

HowTo:Maintain a vanity site on Wikipedia _BY_ Gubby

Commemorative plate _BY_ Nydas

Rogue Punchlines _BY_ Bradaphraser_&_Mhaille

UnBooks:Horton Hires a Ho _BY_ Todd Lyons

HowTo:Be pretentious _BY_ Jamtrousers

Ernest Hemingway's Cookery Corner _BY_ Hardwick Fundlebuggy

Wall Street Crash of 1929 _BY_ Savethemooses

edit The following items may contain traces of nuts (or funny)

Pontius Pilot _BY_ Savethemooses

UnNews:Diogenes searches world for honest mechanic _BY_ Procopius

HowTo:Avoid speeding tickets/fines _BY_ Hindleyite

Admiral Donce _BY_ Poodlemcmuffin

Copper stool _BY_ Copper Stooler

edit These articles should not be viewed. If accidental viewing occurs, INDUCE VOMITING. Then contact a physician.

Zombie dragon _BY_ anyone

Today's featured article _BY_ anyone

Twelve-step program _BY_ anyone

Henchmen _BY_ anyone

Hey i got a great idea, suck my dick and leave me the fuck alone you fag im making jokes _BY_ anyone, with inspiration from JP SithLord

Valencia Grapes _BY_ anyone, aided by Mhaille. Also, Keitei and Shandon helped a little bit. And I guess Hindleyite was there when it happened, which counts for something (although not much).

Aqualung _BY_ anyone

edit My highly anticipated, overhyped, then extremely dissapointing dive in UnNews

UnNews:Woman bitten by hobo loses ten pounds of skin _BY_ anyone

UnNews:PROVED - Anyone can sneak a Silly Article past the Wikipedia Thought Police _BY_ Braydie, Mhaille, and anyone

edit The Single Greatest Line in the History of Written Word (atleast until I come across a better one)

"They became a mixed pot of stirred limbs and surprise manure" _BY_ Shandon in The Life and Times of Kraft Dinner.

edit The Single Greatest Word in the History of Written Word (atleast until I come across a better one)

"Omniuselessness" _BY_ Procopius in Church of God the Wholly Incompetent

edit Some Lists

The List of Whores

The List of Jackasses

The List of Upcoming Noms

edit Stuff I've Sculpted (through the gloriousness of MSpaint)

Not-so-special thanks to Colonel Swordman for directing me to Tom mayfair's user page so that I could steal borrow (i'll give it back) his little box script thing. Also now Codeine cos I stole that nifty <gallery> thing.

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