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The following is a list of users who are known to be, in fact, whores. In other words, they give out sexual intercourse in exchange for money, and reffering freinds to do the same. It is advised that you stay far away from these people, unless you are looking for sexual intercourse, in which case it is advised that you go see them under the cover of darkness.

  • Savethemooses - The King, and/or Queen, of Whoredom.
  • Hindleyite - Even a random IP knew this person was a total whorebag.
  • Mhaille - As confirmed by two entirely different users.
  • Orion Blastar - Repeated whorings spotted in forums.
  • Squiggle - Once he was but the learner, now HE is the master.

Jessica Warner - part time killer full time whore

That is all...for now.

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