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Believed by some to be the greatest idea of all time, it was first postulated on October 20th, 2006 by JP Sithlord. Where did JP Sithlord come up with grand idea, and how long did it take? Let's find out on this exciting new chapter of "Wild n00bs."

edit The Sucking

At first it seems like any regular idea. Let's use our lungs to inhale against an object, creating a vacuum of sorts. But originality was just not for JP Sithlord, oh no. He took this idea and turned it into a dream, going so far as to request that the reader suck "my dick," instead of leaving it open ended. This narrows down the penis field to one, nearly eliminating the possibility of inadvertently sucking the wrong phallus. But this was only the start of JP's idea that would forever change the world.

edit The Leaving Me the Fuck Alone

JP, although extroverted in his attempts to enlighten the human race, was a shy, quiet type at heart. Sometimes he would sneak away for hours, quietly pondering in his room the great problems that plagued this world. Or sometimes he would just like to "make jokes." See, JP's one goal in life was to bring happiness and laughter to sick children, and he believed his jokes could do that. He was a giver, that JP, never a taker.

edit You Fag

The cream on the cracker, JP knew his idea would spread quickly through-out the masses, and he knew people would use it for the wrong reasons. He decided he needed to again narrow the field, only this time to a certain sexuality. He foresaw that only the Gays would have the ability to suck the penis in question, and thus sent his idea of grand proportions to their people...

edit Success!

All the Faggots loved it, they issued the rights to release it under the GNU license. Quickly released, it was an Instant Hit! Kids loved it, Girls went Wild, and furries... well... had secks with animals{no offense intended}... but still!

edit Afterthoughts

To this day, JP waits. He hopes some day a fag will stumble upon his readings and answer his call. I dedicate this edition of Wild n00bs to you JP; you are truly a credit to your kind! your brilliance has given us all a reason to Care about the world. Jebus bless you

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