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He probably did not live close to this place. But you never know with these Russians.

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for something else?

No, this is just an antoneater.

Hello! What are you looking for? Can I help you?

Wait, that man from Uncyclopedia? Um... I think I do remember. Was he from some French region? Like Normandy or something close? No? Ukrainian? Oh... Russian. Yeah, who would have ever thought?
But what did he do to you? I mean, I haven't heard about him having some affairs with mafia. Or Cossacks... But you never know.
So, what do you want to know about him? I mean he wrote everything he could about himself and this made a large noise, because not many people knew he was Ukrainian... oh, I mean Russian.

Something you can blame him for

Well, he was very busy; there was so much noise in his room, I thought he was making a bomb. But it turned out he was writing articles for Uncyclopedia. I mean who would have ever thought?

He was a polite man, before that strange policeman came. It turned out Anton was copywronging images or something like that. Oh, yes, there was also some serious business with media and reviews, that's it - reviews.
Newspaper article

The type of articles he seemed to be writing.

Wait, what ideas? He did not seem to have any. He really wanted to rewrite all this? You must to be joking.

His ideas?

What else? He parodied admins as well? I mean you can parody users but not admins. I have always told my son not to get on admins' nerves. That's just dangerous.

Yes, that's his cupboard... I mean it was before he left his apartment. What is all this mess? A cookie, a ninjastar... I did not know he was a nihilist!


Why do you need his user boxes? I think you have to explain everything to me. Is he a revolutionary? No? I thought all Russians were. So why... *Bang* *Bang*

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