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Hello. I'm George.

edit Biography

In 1980, against his better judgment, George was born. The scene was central Alabama; though he had hoped for a cooler clime, his mother insisted that he be near her when the blessed event took place.

Several years passed. At 14 he succeeded in his only notable feat. Discovering thereby that hard work and accomplishment guarantee neither wealth nor sexual gratification, he swore them off.

Today, he occasionally studies at a university of middling quality in a town of middling size. With the help of hearty doses of a nonselective inhibitor of the reuptake of several biogenic amines, he hopes to happily remain there for several more years. He is personally unpleasant.

edit Uncyclopedia contributions

Articles I've either created or massively edited:

Wise County, Virginia Conservatism Hildegard von Bingen Theology First Council of Nicaea Ralph Stanley Edmund Burke

Articles I've done noticable but not world-shaking work on:

John Calvin Wesley Crusher Mariah Carey

edit Interests

music (esp. classical singing), film, mathematical physics, public policy, law, human sexuality, intimate relationships, applied alcoholism, sodomy, indolence

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