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edit WARNING! This page was written by a 50-year old nostalgic hippie!

This is what I'm like when I hate you:

And when I like you:


“Didn't I kill this motherfucker?”
“He hates emos
~ Captain Obvious on Anti-emo

All you darn kids and your whiny "music". It makes my ears bleed (like Linkin Park). If you don't turn up the Black Sabbath now, I think I may go on a rampage with the Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse to destroy My Chemical Romance!

edit Stuff that I like

Bullet Valhalla

Bullet Viking Culture

Bullet Headbanging

Bullet Too Many Links

Bullet Umlauts

Bullet Benito Mussolini

edit Things That Must Burn in Hell

Bullet The Man

Bullet Punk

Bullet All other wikis except the one you are reading

Bullet republicans Communists

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