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edit WARNING! This page was written by a 50-year old nostalgic hippie!

This is what I'm like when I hate you:

And when I like you:


“Didn't I kill this motherfucker?”
“He hates emos
~ Captain Obvious on Anti-emo

All you darn kids and your whiny "music". It makes my ears bleed (like Linkin Park). If you don't turn up the Black Sabbath now, I think I may go on a rampage with the Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse to destroy My Chemical Romance!

edit Stuff that I like


BulletViking Culture


BulletToo Many Links


BulletBenito Mussolini

edit Things That Must Burn in Hell

BulletThe Man


BulletAll other wikis except the one you are reading

Bulletrepublicans Communists

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