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edit Ant_101

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“Scary. Do not stick you fingers in the cage.”
~ Just_me82 on Ant_101


Ant, in his natural habitat of "Rocking the F*** out". Guitar: models own, clothes: stolen from a tramp, lightening provided by overactive imagination.

Meez user Ant_101 (Latin: 'Bastardo miserablis' ) wasn't born in the usual way, or even hatched. He just kinda turned up and sat in the back of the room one day and the universe let him stay, as it was generally decided to be better all round to leave him alone.

As far as can be ascertained by the worlds finest scientific minds (The guy in the pub that knows everything and a London taxi driver) Ant is probably the only earth dwelling lifeform to be able to survive without food, water and air, sustaining himself entirely on the crushed dreams of the young. ("filthy f***ing commies" as termed by Ant)

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edit Statistics

Age: Old, very, very old..........about the same age as that bit of mouldy toast found down the back of god's sofa

Height: Anywhere between 5ft10in and 6ft1in depending on:- slouch, gravitational pull, volume of souls recently consumed

Weight: Impossible to judge due to all internal organs having been replaced with a black hole, leading to the subjects massive appetite (and not just for food)

Musical taste: Better than yours, that's all you need to know.

edit Distinguishing Features

Scary eyes

An inability to pass emo/scene children without bursting into laughter/homicidal rage (depending on previous mood)

Can sustain the beef economy of the developed world, solely on his burger consumption

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