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Gruvius is the God of Grues, and is the only Grue that is worse than an Ubergrue. There is only One Gruvius, and is considered a figurehead in Satanism, and a Grue-only known as The Grue Apocalypse See him as the Almighty God who could easily pwn Allah or Jehovah, or any other of those "Elohim".


Here is the only image of Gruvius, an image used as proof of him. Image taken in 1999.

edit Beliefs

The Belief of Gruvius was originally a prediction for the 2012 prophecy, and when 2012 occurred and it turned out Nuclear Holocaust was the correct end, the original members gathered up an army of followers, until it became an official religion.

It is commonly thought to be one of the very few things that can kill Bonzi BUDDY, although this is unsourced.

It MAY, POSSIBLY, MIGHT, be able to kill a Cabbage.

edit In Popular culture

In the Final game in the famous Text based RPG series, Zork, Gruvius is the final boss in Zork 6: Reloaded. (Coincidentally released December 21, 2012)

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