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Grues Day is

  1. A holiday according to the Zorkian calendar.

The reason for this is because a bunch of stupid n00bz0rz the wise UK monarchy didn't know that grues had their own holiday and so they were eaten left it as it was.

edit Grues Day (day of the week)

Grues Day is a holiday that takes place on march 14 on the Zorkian calendar. The reason for this is that all of the people of at the time were afraid of getting eaten, so they made a sacrifice to the Grue god Gruvius. Some scientologists speculate that the reason for naming the day "Grues Day" was that, previously, that day of the year was when the Grues would awake from hibernation and briefly stalk in the day time. and whoever named that day thought that it was a clever way to make them stop it with the satisfaction of the sacrifice. Those scientologists were eaten.

However, grues celebrate it as a separate holiday, where they celebrate their Grue heritage, just like many other Grue holidays, like Grassover, Grom Kippur, and Granukkah. However, like many other holidays, it has now become a mass gift-giving extravaganza.

edit Traditional Grues Day Celebration

A traditional Grues Day celebration usually consists of going to nearby cities and towns and, after nightfall, eating all of that year's predetermined victims who had not yet succumbed to a grue. The victims are then eaten. Again.

edit Modern Grues Day Celebration

Modern Grues Day celebrations have become the way they are partially because cities and towns are much more well-lit than they used to be, and partially because they can now get the same satisfying Grues Day experience with them.

These days it is now just a Bank Holiday, and is considered redundant.

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Participation may vary. May or may not contain up to 50% of non-human meats.

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