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 Intersanctum Score: 4,3300,900 Moves: 1,765

That last blow was too much for that Ubergrue. There was an explosion so big, it caused temporal blindness in your eyes. You now look on as the swirling that was in the background of the Grue has disintegrated into an epic explosion. The Ubergrue's huge, towering body falls to the ground like some sort of paperweight. It emits a low pitched sound which is quite possibly it's form of screaming silently. It falls to the ground with an epic boom on the seemingly endless cave floor. It's body fizzles away almost instantly and there is no trace of it left. The Wizard looks on in horror. The wizard sighs and cries to himself softly.
A door has now appeared where the wizard was. It is slightly grey and looks very old. It is in front of the rock you where standing on.

> Go north

The door opens itself. In there is something shiny. At first you fail to notice what it is, but when you do, You fill up with excitement. It is treasure. You walk slowly towards it, to make sure it is not just a trap. But you start to cry tears of joy as you realise it is for real.

Suddenly, A man of a muscular build and handsome runs in, He has a brave and heroic look on his face, but when he realises that you had already killed the Ubergrue, he looks sad, and then he looks Angrily at you and says " How dare you cross the might of the Grueslayer! " . Suddenly, the Ubergrue comes back to life, and then the rock you where formerly standing on is smashed to bits; Grueslayer looks at it sternly and says " I'll handle you. " and runs off. The Ubergrue flies off into the distance, even though the Ubergrue can't fly.
As you look on, you notice a message next to the pile of treasure you are standing next to. It reads:

Thank you for playing ZORK! (AKA Dungeon). You have some how finished a game of adventure, danger, and low cunning. In it you have explored some of the most amazing territory ever seen by mortal man, In Dungeon, the intrepid explorer delved into the forgotten secrets of a lost labyrinth deep in the bowels of the earth, and searched for vast treasures long hidden from prying eyes, treasures guarded by fearsome monsters and diabolical traps! We really enjoyed making this game, and we hope you Enjoyed playing it!

*** YOU WON! ***

Would you like to to save your progress, view credits or end this session of Zork? (type SAVE, CREDIT, or QUIT):

> Hard Mode

Zork © Unfocom 1975.

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