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~ Oscar Wilde on x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2}

x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2} is the uber statement of the entire universe. Second only to 42 in it's ability to explain anything, x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2} is used in many fields of science and gibberish to fill out equations or formulae which make no sense otherwise.

For instance:

YourMum = \int_{skirt}(\sqrt{x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2}})


The illegitimate son of Jesus Christ and his holiness Pope Bennedict XVI, x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2} was born in the quaint radioactive dump of Frankston, Australia. As a child, x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2} held an unnatural fascination with mathematics and its usage in everyday language. In x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2}'s autobiography, "17(x \ q): My better half", x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2} describes his early attempts to enter the modern English language.

Mine McDuncanth doth doth McDuncanth burn beenth witch thee, thou thou such'ere edipice Donaldethbainst, hath exeunt McDuncanth.
- excerpt from "My better half" Page 42, line 17.

While this makes no sense to the rest of us, x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2} maintains that the steaming pile of crap printed on the pages do indeed document his struggles through life.

Today, x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2} is an accepted member of the community. Despite his complete lack of human features, he regards his human counterparts, as well as his parents, as inferior beings. Due to the stupidity of mankind, x \ q \ 9 \frac{1}{2} has been accepted into the fold as an immortal demigod to be worshipped and brought grapes as tribute.

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