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“This guy is messed up.”
~ Captain Obvious on Noseybonk
“Oh My god, I thaught I was in Hell when I saw his face!”
~ Lord Voldemort on Noseybonk
“Kinder! Me un scrabby! (Sup Master?)”
~ Messed up kinder eggman thing on Noseybonk
~ Mamma Luigi on Noseybonk

"Noseaters" (pronounced "Nose-eaters") Is the term given to robe clad figures who have acted as minions of Mr Noseybonk. They Wore Noseybonk masks, carried guns, and planted nosegays. Seeds which, when soaked in viagra, created erecting plants when exposed to a nose.


Yes. Noseybonk even killed Voldemort.

The noseaters even killed one of their own, Michael Jackson, for No reason whatsoever! The noseaters killed many and made many appearances, starting in the early '90s along with Noseybonk. Here is a disturbing clip of one ... disposing of a body:

Mike dies

Noseybonk about to murder Michael Jackson. No one knows why he did it...


Not to point fingers, But all noseaters are Satanists. They burn crosses, eat souls, and - GASP! Listen to Justin Beiber! Really, My old room mate (Charlie the Unicorn) was one of them. They occasionally Have rituals where they summon Satan. Here is Disturbing Footage of one that took place on 12 August 2008:

Known Noseeaters

A list of the notable members of the noseaters as of 12/02/2016. Please note that there are an estimated 980 members, but this is only known Identifiable people in the cult.

  • Herbert the Pervert
  • Mr.trolol (Killed, but revived)

Battle with Lord Voldemort

In 1997, the Nose eates battled Voldemort for copying them too mutch. While the Nose eaters killed his "Death eaters" (I wonder why they thought they were being copied) while Noseybonk battled Voldemort. In the end, after both had stopped using real spells and were just insulting eachother, Noseybonk was caught offguard by Voldemort's killing curse (Avada Bananna), but Miraculously, the curse hit Voldemort, and destroyed his body, though some say they saw a nose eater with a second, Voldemort-like face on his mask's nose...


Noseybonk killing Voldemort (For now...)

Second in command

Main article: Kinder eggman

Though Noseybonk is the boss, Scrooble the Kinder eggman is his second in command. Scrooble is a Subconcios being, That Eats souls ("toy") and Is a Kinder eggman], like the Demon Chokadoobie. He faked his death to avoid being shot.

As you may have guessed, Scrooble doese not have to wear a mask because his face is already disturbing enough. His arch enemy is "Bob Swobble", who he hopes dies from his possesed zombie kids. Yes, he is an egg with ears.
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