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Dis noa funee braj victa daen waensten kansheor Gamined writing zaul kyma. Entee antoure a calen miyema, 0mgarjez rezamonde onoilati easucoub erann nrentay yealan zednem ali woh aneckra ikbit imajes. Dna isht terencho afteur funee, Wolkmann dnow robleya pideayclo denu elxaynied urger tomaj0n lee ayrfur explashion. Ayter wutear uoso been igoni, then has waay has teh sobuur swerz bildurg irsfet shiolacan.
OH HAI!!!1111one111 Dis artikul iz aboit Lolcats, a pulan fur Urf dominashun. Wuz yu lukin fur teh artikul aboit reyulor catz? Pleez nowt tat Kittehs niyd fud. I can has fud?[1]

“Dis artikel. i dird haz it. ”
~ Sum Cat on Lolcats
“O RLY???? ”
~ Bill O'Rly on Lolcats

Lolcats is teh reesun wioh yor hared dwive, is fulz. Noat wat AYB! This iz much taneromi. Lolcats come from LOL+CAT. Tey has pikchur with lol-kapshun and Kitteh on its. Teh pics, dey share wif pplz on msg bords onsharez. This feh-nomnomnun haz been popular since bee-fore i-can-has-cheezburger?[2] site. It also braut start of teh Lolrus.

An kittehs no like zombies. We wer hair 1stest. So scrm!


kitteh huffz itself

edit Abouts


sumthin lolcats r known to have

edit esouh, niur niwercs wief

O hai! Lolcats (Prouned "Hiyuako") r teh catz taht r invadin ur intartoobz Dey r teh tsekneit of teh catz, and teh masters ov Katurdai. Tehy no needs battreez, and normally r not kakes. Tehy r communly foundz en ur lap steelin' ur bodyheatz and vareeous ofer playses, and usually has an alibi. Yah shudnz blink, 'cause Ceiling Cat mai bee watchun u! amz luso asochiated wif Engleeshe.

edit Caturday

“Caturday” iz teh musoat on Internet wereh iyt cuomes form teh Preir ov 4chan wher tehre is an picure of some Cat LOLicon with a cation, tihs datez bck to precat timez wen cavemen wud taep messages to teihr ptet ratpors, but taht nevr turned out wel… Tihs led to the extint... extici... no reom dinsoures when teh cavemen stoped usin taep an started usin a stapler. Later tihs waz re-intraduced when 18th century photoppl wud put funee captiaos on teh phyotoas. Tihs later evov... became Mudkip dalle J0e, but J0e waurs mingorib sadz, so he wuntared tlour get happy, krung and nao… eh tneh... de-evolved? tnureoid and ewgf era captiouns nouitcap L33t. Hilyka thrib “i can haz cheezburgr?” caem frumeo… So taht’s y ppl liek dem.

edit Lolcatz r nought teh l33t!

lolcat r nown tou bey gud at teh gamz. U evar bin pr0wned at teh cowntar strikez, it b a lolcat kampin.
Sniper kittenintehcsgame copy

In yuor bouk depoztry...

Hay. Itz a lujitimut stratujee.

edit Mai abilities, lemme show u dem.


lolcats do not accept refnds or s'changes wifout recpt.


Many join r caus! you shall fight Titan Cat!!11!.

Lolcats can:

  • haz cheezeburger
  • haz president Jar Jar
  • haz cancer
  • deeny ur refnds or s'changes wifout a recpt. k?
  • haz a forcefelds wtf?
  • haz a herb
  • haz a hat(But they have to fight knuckles to earn that achievement)
  • haz a flavor
  • haz A POKAMANS!
  • haz mastachief as powerfull lolcat!! he even advertise for us in his show!!elven11!1.
  • haz mahd skillz
  • be are serious.
  • be seein wut yoo did heer
  • be confuzed???
  • be a cheezeburglar
  • be steelin' yo riffs
  • be not amused in yur trashcan
  • be steelins yo interwebz
  • be lol'd at by hyoomunz
  • block ur toobz, drainz, sinks, and any oteh kind of drainage
  • alterz yur persepshuns
  • dance teh Thriller
  • turn their everythingz invisiblez.
  • upgradenzen yur RAMz
  • iz way coolrz dan da O RLY owlz
  • iz caught?
  • ...And lots other dizturbing thingz. k?
  • All ur base are belong to mehz k?
  • free food plox!
  • monorail
  • eets ur cookiez dat theys made for u
  • eatz all teh cheezburgers
  • b funneh
  • pwn ur xbocks n00bs
  • can run n windoes vistuh
  • pr0n newbz
  • spamz da internetz
  • all da othah stoof that regler catz cant do.
  • eetz ur mom

edit Want

Schrodingers LOL CAT

I haz quantum disequilibrium.

edit Historey

“My historey, they involves mah picz”


Teh lolcats r being a round for long timez, but silly Peepul r not notisingz. Dey has come to Urf on huge comit to invadez teh worldz and the intarwebz. Tred pretndz be to Peepul, but teh Peepul in ree-alitee r teh petz, but too stoopidz to know.[3]

Wez even got piks ovr 1O0 yers aold, becuz lolcatz own teh Urf secertley az wey aur partened with teh Illumoonati.

edit Teh Future


“This plan. I has a secret.”
~ Anonymous Lolcat
“I fear the worst when I read this article. Maybe I should get a dog. Dogs are much
I, Oscar Whillie, luvs catz forevah. Food. I promis to bring.”
~ Jib

Us lolcats r plannin too tayek other ur worldz. We iz in places of power. Sahmunoas not exspewckting aneethangs.

Leedur of teh cats will befriendz teh Prezdint of teh wurldz after wurld peece happens in teh far fyoochur, den murderz teh Prezdint and leave himzelf as Prezdint in Prezi's will. They willz nevar suspectz us.

3667585 copy

I haz a empire.

gib mi pl0x roa aibextha.

edit Mah refs

Let me show u dem

  1. Cheezburger? :s
  2. Mah face. Itz all over teh place!
  3. I has a KATPCHA to filteh dem out

edit Seez Also

edit Andz Ecksernayl Lynx

Spork Dis Artikle reifidom exayt foram Krospock.
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