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Aah, Zork. What an Wonderful game. Ever since it's creation in 1975, it has become a part of Mass media and a classic among Gamers. It has so many little Secrets, such as Hidden weapons and secret short-cuts to the ending, that entire books have been written on it's various exploits. Whilst the many sequels also have just as many, If not more secrets, But these do not have the vibrant feeling of accomplishment and achievement that the original Trilogy do provide. It is also home to some of the most famous video-gaming secrets.

edit Restoring other people's saves

Whilst the act of doing this is Usually frowned upon, It is usually accepted as a viable alternative to actually doing anything. However, other users can decide to punish any would-be cheaters. There are many hidden, unlinked-to pages on the category screens. Some of these are the most famous "Epic fail" moments in Gaming history. Various pages, such as "restor2" and "Grue room" are only accessible via the Category page. Here is how a prank would work.....

  • Go to Category:Zork through cmd.
  • Select the page, say "restor2" and load it.
  • Before you do ANYTHING, go to "SAVE" and save the game on this screen.
  • It is then advised to exit.

When a would-be cheater goes to the restore screen, it will appear under "Final Boss - 968 turn(s)" (968 being the average amount of times normally needed to reach the Final boss), When the user restores it, it then goes on to mock the player, saying various phrases such as "PWNED!". It then attempts to scare the user, as after instantly killing you, it logs the user out and then says that Restoring has been range-blocked within 30 metres of your computer. However, after logging in again it goes back to normal and the User can go back to restoring as they normally would.

There have been many various reaction videos to this, that have been posted on Youtube. There has also been many panic-forums on Something Awful, Gamespot and, with many users believing they have been range-blocked from restoring. However, the game can't even do that so It doesn't rangeblock, it's nothing more than a stupid scareware which is only active until the user would log in again. But believe me, if people say to you that they encountered this screen and have been blocked from restoring, is talking Bullshit. Anyone who believes this famous prank really does have effects which are real, it really isn't!! it really really isn't!!!!

edit Grues and other instant-deaths

Whilst not the first game to feature Instant-deaths, Grues first appeared in Zork, as a replacement for earlier game's Bottomless pits. In fact, Grues proved to be so popular in the original Zork, many of the later games had Grues as a major role, going from mindless Bottomless pit compensation, to becoming one of the largest parts of the games in their own Right. Other instant deaths include being mauled to death by Bonzi BUDDY (Zork 3), Getting on Chuck Norris's bad side (Zork 1), and attempting any puzzle which is vaguely Acrobatic (Zork 2). As an extension to the above section, it is also common for users to save right in front of a Grue in an area which does not give any indication of them being there.


Oh dear....

Grues are one of the most famous parts of Zork, as at least with Trolls you can have a chance at defending yourself against them, with Grues once you encounter them, your dead. Exactly.

edit Page 86r (AKA It's Gumby, dammit)

One of the most Notorious parts of Zork 2 was, when the player discovered that instead of a Final Boss, they where confronted with a very Simple password system.

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