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LOLcode is a programming language, originally invented by a secret group of undercover kittens, mainly because they where too stupid too remember HTML or C++ as their secret code, and therefore they made there own dialect a programming language to communicate with each other. It is considered by many as being based off of BASIC, and one may find similarities between the two.

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edit How it works

LOLcode is A LOT easier to learn if you actually know the Lolcat language it is based off of. If you study this programming language intently, you may also learn the Lolcat language along the way. Now, take something like Zork (surely you know what that is?) and convert it's coding into deprecated LOLcode. You would get something like this:

PLZ OPEN FILE "{{Zorkdied}}"?
    O NOES

Looking at that source code is fairly revealing. "HAI" starts the program, "CAN HAS" Opens the library of what you want it to perform, and therefore shortly followed by "KTHXBAI", Which ends the program.


Typical LOLcode user

LOLcode uses a .lol file extension, which allows for many Malicious programs to appear harmless and as a joke to the typical newbie.

In fact, many famous Uncyclopedia games including Grueslayer, Zork 2 and On the Run have already been translated. The translating was done mainly by a comic-publishing group called Paws, inc a company owned by Garfield.
It has gained a very recent use as a hacking language, and Quack attacks on websites such as have been successfully completed using LOLcode. The kittens who carried it out are presumed huffed.

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