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This article refers to the famous American Bartender. For the Early 20th century transexual singer, see Justine Bieber. For the Gay canadian Neo-nazi Who brainwashes children, see Justin Beiber.


Justin Beeber's photo.

Justin Philip Beeber is a 36 year old Maryland born man, who works as a bartender. He is well known for making a good martini, always winning card games with his friends, and not writing crappy music like somebody else with a similar name.

edit Early Life

Justin was born to Matthew and Jessica Beeber in Baltimore, Maryland. He had an older sister named Shannon. Justin and his family moved to Fredrick when he was 4, as he attended school at Fredrick Elementary. He met a boy named Tommy in Kindergarten, as they became best friends. He later on met a girl named Luna in the third grade, as the two became enemies, up until the middle of the fifth grade, when Luna moved to Kentucky.

edit Graduation

At the age of 20, Justin graduated from University of Maryland, where he met his future wife Samantha at. Justin was attempting to be a pilot, but eventually became a bartender. Justin still hangs his first dollar on a frame to this very day.

edit Catching a Criminal

Less than a week after Beeber became a bartender, Beeber spotted a robber stealing from a lamp store called "Just Lamps", which closed only weeks later. Beeber soon called the police, and the robber was arrested. That night, Beeber was mentioned on the news! To this very day, this is Beeber's biggest accomplishment!

edit The Airport Incident

In the Summer of 2009, Justin was at an airport, getting ready to board a JetBlue Airways plane to visit his parents in Delaware, when suddenly he heard from the speaker: "Justin Beeber. Your flight is now ready. Justin Beeber." All of a sudden, Beeber heard dozens of little girls scream in excitement, as they all ran across the airport searching for Beeber. One little girl asked Justin if he has seen him, as he replied "That's me sweetie!", and pat her on the head. The little brat then said, "No! Justin Bieber is like the world's cutest star! He rules man!" Beeber was not familiar with Justin Bieber due to him only having a son. He told all of the little girls that they are looking for the wrong Justin, as they all moaned. That night, Justin looked up "Justin Bieber" on his parent's computer, and yelled "Dear God!", and quickly turned it off.

edit Personal Life

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Justin Beeber's fat cat.

Justin and Samantha gave birth to a son in 1999 named Robert James Beeber. Robert is a big Pokémon fan, and attends Fredrick Elementary like his father, and is friends with Tommy's son. Throughout his life, Justin has had a total of 8 cats, 2 dogs, and 3 mice. Currently, the Beeber family owns 1 cat, who is really fat, and named Garfield. Justin's favorite television show is The Simpsons, where he watches it every Sunday night with his family, and his cat on his lap. In general, Beeber is a boring person.

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