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Impero dell'Alleanza Galattica Grue
Galactic Empire of the Grue Alliance
Grue Galatic Empire
Anime girl dj Grue coat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Heil Domo"
Anthem: Modified version of "It is Pitch Dark" by MC Frontalot
Capital California (after 2027)
Largest city Townsville
Official language(s) Modern Ik-Ta, Italian
Government Capitalist
Supreme Emperor Domo-kun
National Hero(es) Domo-kun, Godzilla
Established 2018
Currency Yen
Religion Facism 51%, Satanism 48%

The Grue Galactic Empire is a large Capitalist Empire consisting of many galaxies. It is also know as the GGE. The founder, Domo-kun, created this "enterprise" in 2018 when he massacred the Powerpuff Girls, and later got his band of followers to take control of several galaxies from The Federation.


German Grue

A Grue soldier

I want you 4

Grue recruitment poster. 'Nuff said.

The Grue army is one of the biggest in the universe. Currently at the strength of 2000,000,000 Grues and 1000 human mercenaries, it is fully capable of eating the foe and sustaining large casualty quotas itself. The Grue army was started up before the empire, in 2006. They usually win battles with little or no casualties on their side. The GSMC and GEPD are two suborginisations in the army; the GSMC are sent into combat if the main army is failing, while the GEPD are given the more mundane task of policing the empire. This explains why the army shares uniforms with the police and marine corps; all three are related to each other.


During the initial stages of Grue world domination, the Grues scared the s*** outta MC frontalot into giving them the copyright to his song, It is Pitch Dark. Disclaimer: When sang as a anthem, all the "you"s, "my"s, and "I"s are replaced with "they"s and "their"s, in reference to those that oppose the empire. Indeed the original is usually shouted at enemies of the Grues' reigme to humiliate them.

The original lyrics are Here.


The GGE is often thought to be Communist, and also have laws largely based off of there main Religion, Facism. But this is nonsense! GGE is 100% Capitalist! Even though they Idolize the Nazi's, There not Communist, Despite the Rumors.


The GGE's main religion is Facism, a very controversial religion that has been banned in other empires. Grues take there religious beliefs very seriously, and so other empires are forced to send out ethnic minorities to be killed. In 2094, The Church of England sent out a group of 2000 christians, and the Grues massacred them all.

The second most popular religion, Satanism, a much older and less controversial religion, is welcomed by the GGE, and so, Satanic Rituals are legal, But can only be performed on Grues over 12 years. Other religions, such as Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are Incredibly unpopular, but it is legal to believe in them.


The GGE's laws are different to human nation's laws, Due to the fact that Grues see laws as pointless. The laws of the GGE are listed:

  • Do not attack a solider
  • Do not export drugs to other nations
  • Do not leave a n00b alive if you see one
  • Do not kill an innocent civilian
  • Do not attempt a rebellion

The most important law is:

  • Do NOT insult Domo-kun!

Wall 25

Typical last day in the life of a criminal in the Empire.


The GGE was started in 2018, after Domo-kun Massacred the powerpuff girls, and he and his Grue cult demanded that they own 6 galaxies.

At first the Fedaration refused, but then Domo shot several world leaders in the face, And scared the rest into meeting his demands. When it first started out with a population of 969 million grues, they decided to invade Oceania.

The United Kingdom of Britannia (and Northern Pangaea) attacked the grues, but then they invaded the UK in response. In 2022, Uncyclopedia asked GGE if they could help them fight Wikipedia during The Un-Wiki War. In 2038, the Grues declared war on the Dialects over control over Oceania, and in an intense battle, the Dialects Won.



"Yo, come 'ere and buy a slave! At ¥5 per slave, my prices be pimpin'."

Grue economy is high. Many of the people are poor, but they all get food, though this is only because there sent off in there permanent war with the Fedaration.

Despite this, GGE is the richest empire in the universe, but they use up all there wealth Waging war. It is also known that GGE also have the largest crime-rate, and it is a hot-spot for Gangstas, Pimps, and Organised crime.

Also, a controversial subject is that There is a large, Legal slave trade of humans active in the GGE, even though it is iilegal everywhere else, The Goverment of the GGE find slavery acceptable.


The Grues are insane when it comes to entertainment. Whether watching pillow fights in New York, looking at a rancor fight on Tatooine, or dancing their tits off at a night club in Miami or Las Vegas or California, the average Grue citizen can expect to have a large range of options in being entertained.

A typical Grue-hosted pillow fight

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