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Enqliqs is the name of a not-really that modern Language situated in southwest African countries. It is only an official Language in Mozambique, People's Glorious Republic of Uukumbamabahalarata, Swaziland and Namibia. It is mostly known for having the words which not only literally twist it's Users tongue out, but also makes it's pronouncers use all of their spit out, which only contributes to their thirst. This language is considered to be along with Australian-English, Afrikaans and French as some of the worst human Languages. Hopefully, all of it's speakers will have died of AIDS by the time of the end of the decade.

edit Common words

Most notable words include:

  • Koraquera = Hello (Pronounced "Kora-quera")
  • Henreugawe = Goodbye (Pronounced "Henra-uw-gawe")
  • Nigsare = Black (Pronounced "Nigr-sear")
  • Kiqueradeeautchfrhenouchdtheqwe = And (Pronounced "Kick-yu-era-dee-autch-frh-en-ouch-'d-the-cyuwee")

edit Future of the Language

It's use is not well-known. It also spread very poorly. But be warned, if someone says to you Krequeqwerfghderwqaughdfre (Exactly in that order) then they are telling you they are about to rape you. It's also one sentence put into one, with only "rape" being used halfway through. If you attempt to translate the following word into Google translate, your head will explode from all the profanity. So don't.

Even in this context, "grtwerq ounyra sheyiop fdewasqwero" They are saying a Famous verb. In case you want to quote Oscar Wilde again, you must start the sentence with "Yuorcload sayas:". No one knows why.

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