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“How much can I buy it for?”
~ Bill Gates on Domosoft

An image advertising the company.

Domosoft (AKA Gruesoft) are a computer manufacturer that develops OS updates, Games and hacking software.

DomoSoft is also known to n00bs without a life is "Domonamiac    Software    v3.282728193746438" , is a former world domination plot to inform unaware n00bs about Domo Kun, Grues, Ubergrues, and any recent information. The company also sells pizzas on Tuesdays for $12.90.

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In november 1996, Domo-kun, who previously worked at Unfocom, was fired from his job when they realised he had inserted An easter egg in the Beta version of New Zork, in which the player was instantly killed by a pack of dogs with bees in their mouths in a page near the start of the game, But Domo encrypted it, so the page had to be deleted. in may 1997, Domo was failing to keep up in The big business, so he hired Unix workers, and eventually gained company status in october 1998. The original software required the GERT2 and GERT3 engines, but it changed into an individual engine in 2004. the first text officially published by Domosoft was this:

            _  __________
           / \| O      O |   
           \ /|          |                          
           | ||  |vvvv|  | 
           | ||  |    |  |             
           \ \|  |^^^^|  |_
            \_|          | \
              |          |> )
              |    __    |_/
              |   |  |   |
              |___|  |___|
          Copyright Domosoft 1998.

Friendly Competition

Domosoft is the rival and long lost cousin of Unfocom. Stiff competition between these two companies was announced as soon as both parties started pooping out Software like a japanese loner. Unfocom claims that they are one step ahead of Domosoft but the fact is, giant monsters with tiny brains and huge mouths with a ravonous hunger that cannot be satisfied are alot better at computer programing than skinny people with glasses and pocket protectors.


Some angry mothers complained about not being able to read the EULA External, the group of angry moms stated that the could not understand "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRБББББББББББББББЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯ" On a NEA (non eating agreement). Uncyclopedia helped Domosoft be able to broudcast their threats in 34 different languages!! (And 8 different Programming Languages)See Below.

Bill (Bill Gates) Gates told his 8000 lawyers to sew Domosoft on account of copyright for copying the "soft" part of "microsoft" All lawyers were eaten in court and were not missed by their families.

2012: The Game Controversy

Domosoft's second to last game, 2012: The Game, was Highly controversial and was immediately criticised due to it's obscene (and recent for it's release) theme on the 2012 disaster. This caused backlash towards the company, and the game was even banned in The people's republic of Australia.


At first, Domosoft only produced there products in Modern Ik-Ta , Japanese and English. But by 2018, They covered a wide range of languages, here is a list of all languages that where translated by Domosoft.

  • Modern Ik-Ta
  • Flench
  • Manish (Limited availability)

Computer languages

Places in which Domosoft is published

Games published by Domosoft


In 2018, Domo quit as Domosoft's head, and handed the company over to Unfocom. However, 4 months later, Domo Destroyed Townsville, and he and his band of Grue Followers signed over a deal with The Federation, and created the Grue Galactic Empire.

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