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Blacktoon logo

The offical logo for Blacktoon Network.

Blacktoon Network was a highly successful kids channel aimed at Black 8 - 24 year olds. It's original showing was 1998 to 2110.

It started up because Hannah-Barbara began to realize that none of their shows on Cartoon Network had black people except for Pokemon and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, both of which nobody watches anymore. So they decided to make there channel Cartoon Network and changed it's look with shows that appeal to an african-american audience.

It Predated niggerlodeon by 60 years.

edit History

Blacktoon network was at first called "Cartoon Network" witch was what it was from 1992 to 1998. however Black People complained that the channel was aimed purely at white youth, and Hannah Barbara realised that at the time, more black people watched TV than White people, so they gave it a black makeover.

While it had a huge fanbase, and it's highest viewing figures where around 18 million (All viewing figures Here External). However in 2010 a black lawyer sued HB, due to increasingly offensive material.

It is commonly remembered today as having some of the most low quality TV Shows in the history of Telivision.

edit List of Shows that aired on Blacktoon Network


A promotional post for the Powerslut Girls, dated mid-2007. The main characters are, from left to right, Britney Murphy, Tara Reid, and Paris Hilton. Not pictured: Professor "Stone Cold Steve Austin"

During the ten years which it aired, Blacktoon Network had more appealing but socially unacceptable shows than it's later successor Niggerlodeon, but less Decent shows in general.

  • Scooby Doo - A show that deals with mysteries. It features a pimp ass dog and his two male sluts and two big ass hoes. Most mysteries always wound up being Michael Jackson or OJ Simpson behind a mask, but one episode had a flying 1970's-era zombie that begged da hos to get down on their knees to please. Scooby Doo Wop Shoobidy Bop also slapped his hos often.

  • What Up Scooby? - A poorly filmed remake of the original show, but with more use of Angel Dust and pimp canes.

  • Code: NIGGA - A series featuring some jail-baked black ass kids who fight in a virtual world. They must stop N.S.M.B. (Nigga Stole My Bike) from taking over the world...or at least Harlem...

  • Horny Nigga! - Originally aired on Mad TV in 1992, in 2004 Hannah-Barbara bought the rights to this controversial show. a fat black guy has sex with a young Asian girl.

    An extract from Horny Nigga!, note this is literally the only screenshot we can show for decency reasons.

  • Honkiemon - An anime that nobody can believe is still on the air. Tash must kill the rednecks who try to kill him and stop the Rocket Gang from shootin' up their home

  • Pimp Titans - A show that tries to look like an anime but fails.

  • Everybody hates chris - originally aired on Blacktoon Network, but recieved low viewing figures due to it actually being Decent. Ported to the more Family-Friendly PBS with much more success.

  • Xiaolin Throwdown - A story about a black kid who teams up with a white, asian, and alien to save the world. The main goal is to colllect the Smack Dat Foo, special guns that can cap anyone. If two people touch the Smack Dat Foo at the same time, they must enter a Xiaolin Throwdown, in which the person who throws down the phattest moves wins.

  • The Urkel 10 - Ten Urkels, one battle to save the world...pretty self-explanatory...

  • Class of 3000 - A hardcore gangster rap music star comes back to the hood to teach kids at a "hood school" rap music. Stars Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000.

  • Courage the Pimping Dawg - Does Courage have the nads to save his hoes from strange occurences? Such as walking chickens, corn muffins, and evil watermelons.

They occasionally ran ancient black-films like this one, made in 936 AD

  • Cowisha and Kentuckistan Fried Chicken - A series that shows small shorts of black lesbians who rent out as a prostitue, and the people they have sex with our stereotypes of white and yellow people, also eats Kentuckistan Fried Chicken during the fucking.

  • Dexter's Lobotomy - A smart black kid tries to invent a way to fry chicken, but his hoe, Dee-Lana, keeps eating all da chicken.

  • Honkie Con Carney - A short lived series about how OJ Simpson commands an army of OJ Simpsons to kill Nicole Brown Simpson.

  • The Powerslut Girls - Down in Hoesville, Tara Reid, Brittney Murphy, and Paris Hilton must protect the city from pimps and whores. Unfortunately, this show literally featured white people. Thus, it was cancelled. The show was intended to parody the Powerpuff Girls.

  • High High Puffing Marijuana - The story of Queen Latifah and Whoopi Goldberg's adventures across the world as they sing songs and get high! ALL THE DOPE YOU CAN SMOKE!

  • The Life and Times of Jamal Ali - In a world where monsters are free to taunt black citizens with chicken and waffles, it is up to Jamal Ali to keep it in order.

  • Jackson Boy - A show that was immediately cancelled. It featured various scenes of ass-rape between a young boy an Michael Jackson.

  • Samurai Tyrone - The adventures of Tyrone Brown, a samurai traversing through another world to get back home to his hos while wandering around doing nothing but killin' white men working for his nemesis, Abu. All while Fucking White Women and not calling them back.

    The 2007 film "Black Stereotypes" proved very popular on BN, and some scenes from the film where Re-used.

  • Atomic Biatch - A story about a black ho named Shaniqua who stole some fried chicken that was filled with radiation from some white science lab, ate it, and became one big, fat bitch. Includes recurring themes where she must save New Orleans from George "Whitey" Bush and his league of crackers, who wants to drown Louisiana by "hurricanizing" the place. She teams up with a wiley Hispanic, Carlos, but he gets shot by some Colombian drug lords.

  • Nig, Nigg n Nigga - Revolves around the story of three black kids growing up in a gangsta neighborhood. They try Desperately to be cool but get shot at the end.

edit The Network's Cancellation

On October 22, 2110, Blacktoon Network was officially ripped off the air by A black lawyer called Jaafar Thompson, who claimed that it was getting from appealing to racist.

Strangely, Jaafar died 2 days later.

edit The Cowisha and Kentuckistan Fried Chicken Controversey

In 2006, a controversey over the popular Cowisha and Kentuckistan Fried Chicken television show had arrisen. When the pilot episode aired, because it featured "extreme" lesbian sex footage and hardcore, NC-17 rated porn. While the black kids didn't mind, a white kid had an orgasm attack from watching it. The parents said:

"It was just too hardcore for him. He's not a black person who fucks every day, he's a white kid, who's lucky enough to actually GET lucky."

The studio was fined 760,000 dollars plus tax. Since then, That episode of Cowisha and Kentuckistan fried Chicken was taken off the air, only to be available on DVD and BluRay later on.

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